Episode Review: Gundam: Witch from Mercury ep 10: Turning Wheel Of Emotion

At this point, almost every major characters in the series have had their development, have had their build-up, now it’s turn for the plot to go beyond the school settings, and for Suletta to have a crucial wake-up call in character finally. With the introduction of 2 more witches who also pilot the duo Lfrith Thorn and Lfrith Ur, and twist after twist, I guess that predicting G-Witch’s plot is now officially futile. That being said, let’s jump into the episode.

The first half was a peaceful event after episode 9. Compared to the Suletta before episode 10, our little tanuki looks more vibrant than ever. Her things-to-do list is being filled, her relationship with the Earth house feels better than ever, not to mention Miorine trust her enough to let Suletta take care of the tomatoes, things couldn’t have been better than ever for our tanuki. And after so many depressing episodes and her life being turned upside down with so many revelations, seeing her this fulfilled is very heartwarming.

On the other hand, GUND-ARM inc are developing steadily. The testing of the artificial legs using GUND technology is going smoothly, the relationship between Miorine and her father feels…adequate, it does feel like Delling goaded her into doing business so he can teach her and slowly prep her to be Benerit’s successor. One could say that the GUND-ARM will become bigger in the future. Having the assist of Bel is a plus and she seems like a sweet woman (hopefully nothing bad will happen to her)

But then, everything feels too good, what happened in the first half felt like a dream a come true, and the second half became our reality check. Suletta hasn’t been happy for one full episode and yet another hammer smack her in the face. Miomio is actually becoming more and more like her father – calculating and oblivious to others’ emotion. I’m sure she just want to do well for the company but in the process, she has hurt her groom.

Another episode in Guel’s adventure is revealed. Guel became Bob, on orders of his father once more. But as fate have it, he couldn’t run away from his first failure: the Gundam. It’s interesting to see Guel has changed from the arrogant and self-centered bocchan into a humble and ordinary worker. To be honest, Guel’s development has been going in unpredictable directions all over the place, and if done right, this will be one of the craziest character building in the series.

Shaddiq, on the other hand, is one hell of a character. Now losing one of his main drive, he now focus on the other one, the one that we could not anticipate. It did not feel out of character, just that it was surprising that he decide to pull this now. Will he become some sort of villain? I guess we will find out in the upcoming episodes. And certainly the happy-go-lucky school settings will be gone soon enough.

And now, Elan, the fifth, has joined the fray.

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