Episode Review: Fuuto Tantei ep 5: Their determination

Not much I could say about this episode because compared to the others before it, this one is also another setup episode dedicated to expand upon the characters. There are still some great moment, but not as strong like the previous. But then, still a good episode. Let’s dive into it.

Terui Ryu made his first appearance on this one. From what we saw from the OP to the clinging of Akiko, I’m pretty sure we will see Kamen Rider Accel and its Booster form in action again. Still, I’m not sure if we will see him in full action + henshin next episode, maybe just the aftermath of him after taking care of some bug mobs. We need him in Booster form again, his own movie was too short, and Booster form potential was in action for merely minutes. I hope in this season we could see him using it. 

We got some more information about the user of Meganeura Dopant. He is made to be hated – an absolute scumbag, simple as that. And to be honest, for an “above average” guy, I guess it’s fine like that. The interesting part would be our “final boss”, upgrading the guy through drugs. Stuff like this you probably won’t be able to see it back in the old live-action version on TV, unless it’s with merchandisable “toys”. Regardless, this would extend more of the world-building. A nice touch, because before Fuuto PI, unless you watched Accel’s movie, there is no way a Dopant can get an “upgrade” without changing to a more powerful memory. 

For Megu, with the speech from Shotaro and the revelation of the “leaker” from within her acquaintances, she has finally found her actual passion. I guess this wasn’t something she was keen on doing at first, but after trying it out and feeling the love of her players, Megu has come to love her role as Monrado’s idol. Furthermore, the person she respect the most – Maji-P – has also seen through her and was revealed to be very passionate about Monrado as well as her personally. That cements her decision to continue. However, a decisive decision always come with a cost.

Return a bit to the main casts, some moments for both Tokime – a new character, and Phillip – a familiar one, to develop, which is caused by each other. Tokime tried to blend into the group, while Phillip struggle to accept her. I think this is a nice way to build up characters for a “sequel”, as it is not rare to see the original characters stagnate after the series has ended. Shoutarou, even though did not have much screen time, he still land a great TED talk to Megu, giving her a final push, to let her understand what she should do, and what she wanted to do. Good advice from someone that has a ton of real-life experience in life. Although most of it probably came from the hard-boiled Chief, it still served him well. Seeing the myriad of facial expressions on Tokime’s face this episode is a joy to see. She has dropped her mysterious and aloof facade and become a very expressive young girl.

With Shotaro incapacitated, there is only one fighter left in the main line-up (sorry Terui you’re on the side line for this one). Which means Phillip will face this opponent, and of course, this means FANG JOKER! Next episode will be FANG-tastic!


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