Episode Review: Fuuto Tantei ep 11: The Detective and the Assistant

Because I am…a Detective’s Assistant!
Things are heating up, literally! A difficult opponent, a case with a dead-end, and their comrade are still lost amidst a city of monsters, Shotaro and the agency are running ragged to combat the new threat to Fuuto. But not all hope is lost, as the light only shines the brightest in the darkest place!

We continued with the fight against Reactor. This guy is on another level compared to previous opponents, as even W and Accel together couldn’t give him much trouble. And also a pretty crazy revelation: the Roads. Hundreds of Road Dopants were living in Shadow Fuuto, expanding the city continuously with their dark aura. And to expand the city, they have to devour people to produce materials. This also spark the question that…with so many people seemingly fallen prey to the Roads, how could noone – especially our Dopant specialists – not notice? This either gave us a hint of how powerful and prepared Bando’s gang is, or that there is some mystery behind the scene.

Hideo Chiba aka Braciosaurus must have become public enemy number 1 with a love-hate reaction from fans after this episode. On one hand, he turned out to be the most despicable guy despite being just a snot-nosed kid. On the other, he gave us one of the most sensual scene of the series. The studio really knows how to make these fan-service not seem out of place, and still adhere to the “standards”. However, there’s still a bit of unnecessary forcefulness to it, but still, as the source material goes, this is a very good adaptation.

With both fronts seems to fail, Shotaro fell into his old ways of blaming himself and drove himself into a corner. However, the always hopeful and cheerful Akiko once again managed to reel him back – just like how a Chief would. It’s very cool to see Akiko displaying her support like that. And now, Shotaro has regained his “detective” sense and made a huge discovery to solve this case. Of course, he didn’t deny that he felt lonely and missing Tokime was one of his motives, I think this ship might have some potential after all.

Tokime – even as doubts and fear swirl around her head – still remembered the words of the first person to ever trust her – Shotaro. And she has determined to fight and save people in the name of the Detective’s assistant. It’s very heartwarming to see Tokime embracing the title and has chosen it to be her goal. Can’t wait for the next ep where the two reunite and we get to see some more awesome ass-kicking, maybe with Golden Extreme this time?

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