Series Recommendation: Infini-T Force

Heroes from different universes unite
to stop the end of the world, or even worlds
We have covered the manga version of this series before – which is a massive crossover between four Tatsunoko superhero series: Gatchaman, Tekkaman, Casshern and Hurricane Polymar. This time we’ll take a look at the fully 3D-animated anime where heroes from different dimensions come together to protect the people and stop the bad guy – just like the traditional way!

Infini-T Force is basically Super Hero Sakusen with some dimensional shenanigans. Four heroes from four universes were transferred to another world for unknown reason, and everything seems to be related to Emi Kaido – a teenager girl that for some reason, loves living her life on the edge. Bad guys appear in sequential order to try and take the heroes down and stop them from uncovering their masterplans, but they aren’t going to go down without a fight.

+ Plot: the anime plot is way more conventional and different from the manga, as well as featuring a very different cast aside from the main heroes. Overall, the series feels like you put a few compilation movies together – each for one of the main characters: Ken Washio (Gatchaman), Takeshi Yoroi (Polymar), Jouji Minami (Tekkaman) and Tetsuya Azuma (Casshan). Each “arc” and “villain” helps to further the main story and give the spotlight to one of the heroes. Which is a very good thing since the usual problem with crossover series is that some might miss out on character development and what not. For Infini-T Force, the focus is placed on Gatchaman more, but the other guys also got their fair share, as well as some interesting interaction with each other.

Emi – the main protagonist, however – kinda got the short end of the stick in the anime. In the manga, she is vibrant and expressive with many interesting quirks – and is also much much younger than the anime. The version we see in the animated series is a more adult one but also in her rebellious emo phase. Granted she slowly came out of her shell but her initial impression wasn’t that good. I’d definitely prefer the manga version. But this version feels more suitable to the kind of plot the story was going for.

+ Animation: Digital Frontier did a very nice job on this one. Granted everything is 3D and the characters’ expression are still not the best, but their movements and behaviours are quite natural. Most of the time, our heroes fight under powersuits that obscure their faces anyway, so it’s not a big dealbreaker. The action are great, you can feel the impact of the punches, the kicks with the use of dust and special sound effects. What’s more, thanks to this being a crossover, we have some amazing wombo combos sequence!

+ Mecha Design: Well, the series is made decades after the original hand-drawn tv series of each respective series, so everyone’s due for a massive upgrade. All the hero’s suit have been redesigned with extra details but still retain the original silhouette and coloring. Imagine something like Captain America’s costume in the original tv series and how it looks in the MCU. Sorta like that kind of redesign. Everyone looks modern and great, especially Tekkaman’s Pegas. The suits look more like battlesuit now rather than just plain skin-tight latex. Gatchaman and Polymar’s suit is very reminiscent of their Live Action counterpart as well. The villains’ design are also not bad, especially Raja and Belle Lynn.

+ Music: The opening is quite energetic and colorful, making you wonder if Emi’s initial personality is an elaborate ruse of some kind. But yeah, for a superhero show, having some vibrant and bright tone to it is great, part to contrast the actual dark stuff in the series, and part to illustrate the radiance of the heroes. The ending is a gentle and upbeat song that sorta reflects Emi’s inner emotional growth.

+ Conclusion: Overall, Infini-T Force is a very fun and exciting traditional superhero crossover. Seeing childhood heroes interacting, fighting alongside each other are always great fanservice. The different characteristics and power levels of each character really come into play in harmony. All four different heroes coming together in a pretty well-written original plot – definitely entertaining and worth checking out.