Kyoukai Senki Episode 15 – First blood

Thank god Amou does not fall into “lost memory” category. That would be too obvious, even if Kyoukai Senki is “basic” as hell. The development was good, not groundbreaking but had logic, that is good. Another unexpected thing was that mechanic waifu material “Misuzu” was such an important figure. I mean, who would expect she is the “mother” of Ghost and Gai, Kei, Nayuta. Great action, great music,… an overall 8.0/10 episode..
Ok, let’s get into it a bit more.

The first part, reunion. Amou and Gai finally met Tezuka, Shion, Resistance force after gone dark for 8 months. Like Tezuka and Shion, Amou’s aura has changed, felt like “he has returned to his former self”. That might have been true. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, if only his outfits and his manners were still the same as before. He feel distant from everyone, not because of shyness, or because he did not have a purpose to fight. Tezuka and Shion have become more mature, more battle-hardened, and yet somehow, Amou was even more than that. His development was not some edge-lord path, but felt more like a VET with PTSD haunting him. 

On the other hand, Misuzu’s real identity was a well-done surprised. This development answered the question why she did not appear much in the last 2 episodes, and a nice build up on the information that we already had back in the first season. Also, the shirt she wore is magic, how the hell can it make her so flat even though her racks were visible in episode 11! (That was a joke, please don’t report). Man she is so loveable. The German guy, though…

Man, I knew him was bad, but corporate spy? Infiltrate North America Army and make his own dynasty? “Dirty works are my specialty”? Not bad. Now give us his background and motives. Only when that happen can I judge him. Oh and Brad Watt as well. First season he is like a military man with a decent character with a simple but great motive. This Brad though, I don’t know how you guys feel but the guy is planning some simple nasty stuffs. Give him a mask and we may have Kyoukai Senki’s Mr Bushido but with a grander scheme. Different from German though, I would wait for his ending to judge if the guy build up is good or not. 

The second part, the fight.While Tezuka and Shion have combat experienced, it felt like they rely too much on Kei and Nayuta. Amou though, he used the information that Gai provided to make his own decision and led the gang to battle. Not to mention Misuzu’s maintenance and supply made Reiki and Jogan packs more punch. I wonder If Sunrise Beyond would make a homage to Jet Stream Attack. Reiki, Jogan and Kenbu Zan would make a great Jet Stream Attack.

The star of this battle though, was not the thing that I just said, but rather, at the end of the battle, we witnessed the first kill on-screen, execute by Amou in his Kenbu Zan. I swear I got some goosebump when I first saw it. Amou’s eyes was depicted beautifully. Not shutting up, not waver a bit. He looked directly in the “eyes” of his opponent, ask him to comply his ask, understand that this enemy must not be let to live, and do the deed, the thing that even Tezuka has never actually done it on screen before. The shock on his face told us all. And not just Tezuka, but also everyone else in Yatagarasu. They were shocked not because Amou drew blood but he did it with such…calm and cool demeanor. Only Misuzu seems to know, what I guess is he had been to various other “battlefields” and witnessed some really, really bad stuff.
Just what happened in those 8 months? What happened?
The answer will probably be answered in the next of the next episode, because the next episode will focus on Brad introducing the first MAILeS on the North American army side, and he will fight with Zelenoy, the Eurasia Commander.
Can’t wait to see it a fight between two manned AMAIMs that was not piloted by Tezuka, Shion and Amou.


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