Kit Review: Kotobukiya – Non-Scale Muv-Luv Alternative – Takemikazuchi Type-00R ver 1.5 part 2

In the name of the Shogun, I will protect humanity!

Welcome to part 2 of the review for the Kotobukiya – Non-Scale – Takemikazuchi Type-00R ver 1.5 from Muv-Luv Alternative. In the previous part, we’ve talk about the design of the kit and its build quality. And of course, it’s definitely a Kotobukiya release on those aspect. Read the previous part here.

Articulation: The 1.5 ver of the Takemi is slightly improved over the original, and the Takemikazuchi is one agile boy in the series. We’re going to go over each part of the model kit since all parts are quite different:
> Head: a bit restrictive since the head is quite sharp and thin, so there’s not much room to wiggle around. But you can look up quite a bit and turn around 50 degree each side.

> Torso: The ab-crunch is quite impressive. However, the backpack while fully equipped is quite heavy, so it might be a bit harder to keep it bent. The hip connector with the torso is changed from a ball-joint to a peg, which is much better for the stability of the model. And you can swivel a decent range

> Shoulder & Arm: The most agile part of the kit. The engineering is actually very accurate to the in-uinverse design of the TSF – with various segmented joint to allow for a lot of moment. The shoulder block is on a ball joint that is located on top of the shoulders so it’s easy to move along with the arms. The bicep is also on a separate joint so there’s many room for extension and movement. You can pretty much pose the arms in any way you want. Only thing is the mount-pylons on the back might affect the range if you want to swing the arms back.

> Legs: The knee parts are quite limited, but the knee armor sliding gimmick is pretty cool. The thighs are also solid and maneuverable. Also on the thigh connector, you can cut off some of the black parts to increase the range of movement, but not too much. The feet are also quite articulated as the ankle can be extended and pivoted. The toes are also movable so it’s easy to balance the kit on most surface.

> Jump Unit: The Jump units are on ball-joints and can move around quite nicely. It’s quite pointy though so be careful with your fingers.

Accessories: TSF has several loadouts with several weapons. The only thing missing from the package is the shield, and EVERYTHING else is included, which is A LOT. The amount of spare parts and legit accessories are the most in any kits I’ve ever built. And here’s the arms dealer list:
– 4 x Assault Cannons: Basically mech-sized P90s. Included is also 4 grenade launcher attachments and 2 barrel extensions. The all 4 cannons config is the Gun Sweeper which basically screams firepower. You can pick between
– 2 x Type-74 PB Blade: huge katanas with an extended hilt-guard.
– 2 x Type-65 PB Knife: combat daggers used for close combat.
– 2 x Arm-mounted Dagger: the forearm guards’ panels can be removed and attach 2 blades to it. It’s a unique weapon of the Takemikazuchis. Which is imo the coolest weapons it has (since every other TSF has the other weapons).

The kit also has 4 pairs of hands: close-fisted, open palm and 2 types of weapon holding hands. There are also extra pylon accessories which we will explain in the gimmick part.

Gimmicks: Aside from weapon’s gimmicks, the mount pylon also has some neat tricks. In the series, it is possible for the gun mount to swivel forward under the arms for a reverse-shoulder-cannon style. You can swap out the mount pylons for different parts to replicate that style OR twist it around and do the over the shoulder style. The default mount pylons can also swing up and down with a limited range to simulate the blade-drawing action.


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