Figure Review: Action Toys – Mini Gokin – Tetsujin-28-Go Taiyou no Shisha

Hello Guys, here is my review for the, Action Toys Mini Gokin 04 Tetsujin 28 messenger of the sun. This is the 3rd figure from Action Toys for Tetsujin 28 right after the Heavy Metal and the vinyl collection. This one hit a sweet spot between been fun to handle, to play with, to pose, and it’s very affordable.

It have some heft and it feels good in hands thanks to a generous amount of diecast , Another good point the figure is 15cm which is a nice fit with the Super Robot Chogokin figure.

Since I have the Soul of Chogokin GX44S I used some of its accessories and it was kind of a good looking
Lastly I want to talk about the display stand which is another strong point, it can rotate freely and handle the figure nicely.

Things I like about it:
– Fun to play with
– Joints system
– Paint and sculpt
– Display stand is really cool

Things I didn’t like:
– The head can’t look up for a flying pose
– No double joints in the elbow (tho it get far enough)
– You need to take off the booster if you want to open the wings

Thing I wish they did:
– More accessories (extra head or articulated face plate for the flying pose)

Action Toys did a really great job with this release I kinda want them to give us the Black OX as well and speaking of the Black OX, I noticed they included a holding hand like the one from the anime when Tetsujin 28 flies with Shotaro in his palm so maybe they are going to release the Black OX with more accessories for Tetsujin 28? I really hope so
My final score:
– Articulation 7/10 very close to SRC
– Quality of materials 10\10 nothing felt cheap
– Paint 10\10 no chips or scratches
– Anime accuracy 10/10 the sculpt is very accurate especially the face
– Accessories 4\10 there is nothing much
– Size & dimension 5/10 for me I love those 15cm figures
– Price 10\10 it’s a very good deal for what we are getting
– Weight 7\10 for something this small the heft is great
– Playability 10/10 its very fun to play with
– Engineering 9\10 the joints system is really cool and it’s a solid figure

Overall, I give this figure 7.5\10 and I highly recommend it, for more photos check out out my Instagram account @S_Gokin

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