Zenkaiger Ep 34: Happy Halloween

This week’s episode is perfect for the occasion. The Halloween-themed episode also comes with quite a spooky revelation!
Most of the episode is just Halloween hijinks, even the Toji World and Hakaiser are in on it. And most of them are pretty funny to be honest. But among them is some pretty serious stuff between Kaito and Stacey. But to be honest, that scene between Halloween World and TwoKaiser was so funny that you almost forget every other “heavy” stuff. Zenkaiger really has a knack for inciting laughs every episode, and every week is a fresh and unique ways to execute the comedy. It feels much more natural and not forced at all.

And now to the grand reveal: the true identity of Hakaiser! I’m sure everyone had an inkling when he first debuted, but due to his easy-going and flippant personality, none of the speculations were confirmed. But now, there’s indisputable evidence. Hakaiser’s true identity is Kaito’s father: Professor Isao. And, of course, on his temple is a weird device. I bet it’s 10 out of 10 a mind-control/personality alter device installed by Ijirude. What will Kaito do when he finds out?


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