Muv-Luv Alternative ep 5: Pro Gamer Move

Episode 4 brought us hope for a better future, and episode 5 directly answered the call. Man, if the quality drop in episode 3 was for this episode to shine, then I guess It was “balance” as it should be (and probably because of the first episode as well).

First of all, the usual cons of Muv Luv Alternative anime adaptation: the character’s animation quality, has been reduced quite a number of frames. Of course if you compare them to other anime adaptations such as Komi-san, Mushoku Tensei for non-mecha anime titles or Kyoukai Senki, Musashi for mecha anime titles then the anime staff will have to work harder to make them better in the BD. Tama got a full spot light to flesh her out from other heroines, which I hope that they will do the same for others in the latter episodes. Man, the treatment that Tama got surprised me and probably others as well. From the “your soul is escaping from your body through the mouth” to the “please help me” teary eyes and the “oh god I f*** up” dead eyes, Tama got them all. The variety for Tama in this eps do make me jealous for others. Hopefully the later episodes will provide screen time for the rest of the cast so that their characters can have a chance to shine. TAMEME SUPREME!

After a fun first half, the second part started out right at Yuuko’s depression, which have been more and more visible with the amount of books in her room, and combined with how “carefree” Takeru was, no wonder she was pissed. I mean, Takeru wasn’t really in the wrong here considering he did not have that much information about the plan when he was still at the old timeline, and thanks to him a lot of things had been prevented, but at the same time the fact that he did not really help the plan was also true. Thankfully, he still had a piece of memory before he got isekai’ed here, and that became the key to a really important event later.

That was the main story for the other half, the rest were the 3v3 TSF combat to test out the XM3, and oh boy they sure had put a tons of money in this one. We got a full mecha nerdgasm, from TSFs being prepared for combat: booted up, first walk, equipped thrusters, different loadouts for different characters to the panning shot combat (it’s pretty chaotic but you could still tell whose TSF apart from others), sniper being hunted POV, to the final showdown (poor Meiya, she had to 1-vs-3 at the end), man this is one part that even hardcore fans will have to admit that the anime did it way better than the visual novel. The visual novel does have some of the best mecha action, but there are only 3 shorts, the rest are like cardboards fighting with each other. Graphinica really have gone a long way since their SRW Divine Wars day. The staff at Graphinica are also fans of the series so they pay a lot of attention to details as well as the quality of the TSF animation.

And that is it for this week episode, good adapted pacing, the 2D animation was improved with bombastic 3DCGI TSF vs TSF, the hope has been restored. Hopefully, the staffs will keep this pace for the later episodes. Oh and one more thing, Kasumi cleaning is cute.