Rumble Garandoll ep 4: Saigo no Idol!

After the last episode, Rin-chan now has become a hikkikomori in her natural habitat because she’s flat out of excitement energy and need to recharge (by watching anime and toku). Therefore, this ep is the debut of second Denchi shoujo, the last idol of Akiba.

To begin this episode, Yuki-rin was having a secret live session until a big bald guy dropped a smoke bomb and kidnapped her. Quite quickly then she agreed to be the next Denchi Shoujo and chose Hosomichi to be her manager. Seems like she knows Hosomichi is the same as her, two people wearing masks to keep up their pretense. We can see behind the stage Yuki is just a normal girl like everyone else. She demands a lot of things, wants everything to be right, has a schedule and most of all she has a foul mouth. We are also told that in the idol world only managers know the true face of the stars they manage and how hard they work, and they also know how to extract money from their fans lol. Like seriously, idol otakus actually spent 300,000 yen to buy 30 exclusive CDs.

The episode also shows us how harsh the idol world really is. Like the scene where Yuki-rin can’t remember all of her members’ names shows that even though they’re in the same group, there’s still going to be some instability between the members. Or the scene that Yuki-rin is checking social media while Hosomichi is giving her a massage, there still exist idols that trick fans with sex appeal and still have many SJWs who write harsh words on social media. Speaking of which, I feel like there’s a small problem with the script at this point. It is true that the film reflects the otaku world and speaks to us in the most gentle way, but besides that, in a world where social media means hiding from the identification, there are still SJWs who can only hide in one place and judge others, what a disappointment. There is only 1 traditional idol where everyone is trying to fight for what is right, yet there are still a lot of idiots who say that Yuki is not qualified as a professional idol. In my opinion, they are the ones have no right to say that.

This week’s episode is like going through a new arc, showing us how scary the face of Japanese idol culture is, this topic is not new but it is still toxic and needs to be changed to be healthier in society. If the Rin arc gave us a passionate and attractive girl, which is my type, then this arc personally I feel more sympathy for Yuki and she really deserves better treatment than that. The title of next week’s episode hints the answer to what it’s like to be a true idol and I think it’ll be satisfactory. Hosomichi will find a way to open her heart and boost her passion once more!