Zenkaiger ep 33: Listen to your Sensei!

This episode of Zenkaiger return us to the wacky and comical style we had at the start of the series. Well, after several serious and darker toned weeks, we got something to joke at and laugh at.

The start of the episode is quite typical. Another Toji World appear and apply its rules on everyone, and this time, it’s uhhh…..School World or Education World kinda thing, and the whole neighborhood was turned into a school where everyone become a student and the Kuddacks and Toji World become teachers. Teachers have absolute power and students cannot raise a hand against them. In a sense, this does reflect Japan’s society where a student is less likely to stand up to teachers – especially hard-headed ones. So the Zenkaiger was in a bind, until…

In comes Stacey-sensei, one of the more “understanding” one. Well, the Zenkaigers have to take a quiz and must answer it perfectly or else. And this stresses that no matter how good you are, if you make one wrong move, it’s the end and you will fail. It’s certainly a harsh environment that no education environment should be. Well, the scene was played as a comedy skit so it was hilarious.

And, if being good students doesn’t work, then the only path left is to become a delinquent. The Zenkaigers stage a performance where they dress up as delinquents and pretend to fight. It was pretty interesting to see though. And seeing the “teachers” jumping in was pretty funny. The battle royale scene was very cool, with many fighters participating and the choreograph was very well done. It might seems chaotic but everything was done with intent and when you pay attention everything was pretty clear. Kudos to the choreographer this week.


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