Metal Robot Damashii – 00-Raiser

Setsuna F. Seiei, 00. Launching!
Saji Crossroad, 0 Raiser. Here I go!
Docking! 00 Raiser!

Celestial Being’s ultimate mobile suit in season 2 of Gundam 00. Piloted by the Purebred Innovator Setsuna F. Seiei and Saji Crossroad, the 00 Raiser transcends even the definition of Gundams with its ridiculous ability and potential. Bandai also tried to tap into the GN magic and produce something new, but did they succeed? We’ll take a look at the 3rd in line for Metal Robot Damashii series – the 00 Raiser itself.

+ Sculpt & Paint: The 00 Raiser is surprisingly…too anime accurate, in that it doesn’t get a lot of surface details. The proportions are perfect, however it feels very…clean. The MRD literally looks like a Robot Damashii/High Grade with gunmetal joints. Many other MRDs down the line got a lot of surface details and revised some parts to look more dynamic and mechanical. 00 Raiser looks good overall, but its looks doesn’t bring a lot of new things to the table. Maybe because the 00 Raiser is already a very balanced MS. Painting is impeccable as always. The matte finish feels really really premium and the joints are all Gunmetal which is the usual chogokin color for Metal Builds, SOC, etc… Basically this MRD is a scaled down Metal Build with less details.

+ Articulation: The HG 00 is one of the first kits to have a universal hip joints and extremely good feet pivots, so the MRD inherits most of that too. The figure is highly articulated and can pull off many cool poses. The GN Drives and 0-Raiser don’t hinder articulation at all and all joints are solid. Thanks to Ebikawa’s tendency of no-skirt-needed, the 00’s legs aren’t restricted by any armor and therefore can swing around very easy. Thanks to the die-cast joints, it won’t get loose anytime soon. In addition, the main figure’s frame is almost entirely die-cast, so the plastic 0-Raiser doesn’t make it back heavy at all, which is great.

+ Gimmicks & Accessories: Of course, the 00 Raiser most notable gimmick is the 0-Raiser combination. It is very similar to the HG. The combine mechanism is simple and secure. Nothing too complex. Accessories wise, the figure comes with the same set the HG has: the GN Sword III, 2 GN Sword II, 2 beam sabers, beam effects for the GN Swords. In addition, we got 3 pairs of interchangeable hands as well as a dedicated stand and connectors for the MS as well as the 0-Raiser. We also got connectors to link 2 GN Sword II together and the shields on the 0-Raiser can also be combined.

Overall, the Metal Robot Damashii – 00 Raiser is a cool representation of the MS, but it isn’t a groundbreaking product by any means. The figure is a very high-quality one, very solid and looks great. A perfect toy for collectors who are concerned about shelf space but still want to possess a premium 00 Raiser will find this figure very suitable. It passes all the bars at higher-than-average marks. A very worthy figure for collection!

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