Ancient G Frame episode 4: For the Departed

Toushinki G Frame episode 4 continued from a climactic episode 3 and deal with the aftermath of the Nergal Defense of the ship. Xing Lan and the team has to deal with the fact that their Captain is not with them anymore. But they aren’t safe yet, the enemy might not always be from the outside.
We learn a bit more about what happened after the battle last episode. Apparently Judith has fallen down to Earth but was reported as MIA. Which means they didn’t know where she was even though she should have landed. Well that’s a bummer. But I hope she’s still alive somewhere. Xing Lan, as expected, was really distraught when she heard the news. She definitely blamed herself for what happened to Judith. Hopefully she will become stronger mentally and physically in the future

We got to learn more about Luna’s past, specifically her father’s. It seems that her father’s ship has crashed onto the Moon, taking the crew with it. Pretty heroic dude. Seeing scenes like this can hit some emotional notes in us as well.

And we come to face the enemy of this episode: A Nergal larva (subs say Juvenile but that’s a dumb name). Although it does look pretty cute, it just went straight for the reactor and planned to blow itself up. Luckily XInglan and Luna and an unimportant dude caught up with it. But then they discover the true “source” of power for the ship: the mysterious White Giant that we saw in episode 1. It can generate unlimited power to run the ship.
But what’s even more shocking is Aer (Air?). Well we kinda know she’s not a normal human from the start but the girls don’t know that. When she bust that Nergal with her superpower everyone was like ‘ O ‘ which was both funny and cute.

Decent episode with a bit of character dev though mostly for Luna and some knowledge about the Nergal as well. The communication avatar was cute af lol who designed that feature should get a huge raise. Nothing to o ground breaking aside from Aer. Pretty chill episode.

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