Upcoming Mecha series for 2022

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With only a few days left until the end of 2021, we draw a close to one of the most stacked year of mecha ever! With over 25 series of anime, games, manga and many others getting published, we got a huge variety of subgenre this year too. We have Super Robots like Dynazenon, Megaton Musashi; we have Real Robots like Muv-Luv Alternative, Kyoukai Senki; we got a sorta hybrid between the two like Fafner: The Beyond and Eureka 7: Hi-Evolution. 2021 has been a treat for us mecha fans. But what does 2022 have? What does the future of the genre look like and what does it have in store for us?

First, the animes. Of course, seasonal animes are still a big part of our yearly enjoyment. And I’m quite pleased to inform you that we have at least half a dozen series lined up for 2022 – with quite a nice schedule as well. We know Megaton Musashi is getting a second season in Summer, Muv-Luv Alternative 2nd season in October, ULTRAMAN Netflix season 2 in April, as well as Shinkalion Z will continue its run into 2022. Kyoukai Senki will also most likely get another cour since the story is nowhere near finished. Although we’re not sure when that will happen, but knowing Sunrise, they would either make it Winter 2022 or Spring 2022. Netflix also promised Spriggan and Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 premiere in 2022. On the movie side, we got Gundam: Cucuruz Doan’s Island for Summer as well as Gridman . Sunrise surely is going all out! Those are the series that we can tell will definitely come next year.

Furthermore, there are MORE series that were announced but we haven’t got a date, such as the new Gundam Seed movie, Gundam: Witch from Mercury, SD Gundam Gaiden and Code Geass: Z of the Recapture. With how stacked Sunrise is, these series might take a while but surely they are in the works nonetheless. The 2nd movie of Hathaway’s Flash – Sun of Bright – is expected in a very far date, probably 2023 or 2024 depends on the Covid situation in Australia. Anyway, these could bolster the series list next year, though I wouldn’t mind if we save them for even later.

And for the gamers, we have plenty of good news! Relayer – a Mecha SRPG that looks absolutely gorgeous with a turn-based SRW style gameplay is coming February 2022. If you want some more action-packed button-mashing hack-n-slash, Muv-Luv Alternative: Project Mikhail is getting some major updates next year. The game currently is already a ton of fun, so looking forward to more refinement. Speaking of Muv-Luv, there’s so much stuff coming for the franchise, including a Mobile Game called “Muv-Luv: Immortals” as well as 2 other Visual Novels in the work and Total Eclipse translation. A French game studio is making a game of its iconic Super Robot phenomenon: Goldorak aka Grendizer, which is scheduled for 2023, but it will come soon enough. Extra note on the mobile front, a new Code Geass game (no, not Genesic Re;code) titled “Lost Stories” as well as a Gundam Seed mobile game is also in the works (though it is unsure when it will launch).
What if you’re a reader? Well, say no more, Gundam Ace has announced a new Gundam manga titled “Gundam Eight” by Hajime Kamoshida – author of IBO Gekko. Gundam Seed Eclipse will most likely continue to 2022 along with Crossbone Gundam X-11. The SEED and Crossbone series is truly Bandai’s cash cow. In addition, Muv-Luv ALternative manga will finally be completed in English next year, so that’s another extra in your reading list.
These are just some of the stuff that is in store for us mecha fans in 2022 as well as the future. The genre has received a sudden boost in popularity and vitality in 2021 (truly the year of mecha), and it will surely continues into the future. We, as fans, will support the creativity that everyone has for Mecha. No matter the size, no matter the shape, we love robots, and we will enjoy them for a long time to come! This list isn’t even all of them (Imight have missed some) so be assured that you will have enough on your plate for the future!