Sakugan ep 11: Diva’s wish

We’ve been through an Italian like colony, a West-Europe like one, even boarded the Noah’s Ark and now we’ve stopped at what people call the land of dreams (or should I call it the land of America dream :))))

Everyone was invited to the concert by Merooro, I must say he is really strong after that ordeal last ep. But before we enjoy a grand concert, Gagumber and Memempu get into another trouble (typical lol). A Diva on the run accidentally bumped into the Gagumber and Memempu, needless to say, we all know that with her personality, she will definitely take the Diva away. Immediately, both were put on TV with the charge of kidnapping Diva. It can be said that it is not unusual for the two to cause an uproar in some colony and be wanted at the same time (poor Merooro).

About Sina and this colony, perhaps compared to the previous 2 colonies, one about the mafia, the other about revolution, this colony is more about lessons for the younger generation. This place has a reputation as a place where everyone can achieve their dreams, but is it really like that? After Gagumber and Memempu interact with Sina the children in the colony, we can see that although this place is called Dream, it is not a dream of “me” but a dream of people around “me”. Or it can be said that the people here are content with pre-arranged “dreams”. Young people seek adventure, old people seek security but here all think that they cannot reach a dream that they can choose. “A fox may grow gray, but never good”, This idiom is really suitable for this episode. people here can say that they are living in their safe zone and have no intention of stepping outside that boundary (like The Secret Life of Walter Mitty). The best proof is that even though Sina is a celebrity, she still can’t fulfill her simple but colorful dreams of life. just simple things like taking the train, eating hotdogs or playing a slide… those dreams are all simple things but perhaps a dream for a celebrity. This place is like the reality of the society we live in. Looking at it, it looks like everyone gets what they want, but in reality, it’s not necessarily true.

“Pursuing a dream that can never come true only lead to sadness” This statement of Sina made me really feel shocked and sorrowful. Perhaps everyone’s situation is not the same, but perhaps all the people here from small to large have an unrealized dream. The harsh reality affects even the children, and they are not able to make their dream come true. At the moment Sina finished painting under the sunset with Memempu she had to wake up from her dream. She returned to being the Diva of the people, the person society wanted her to be. Although the dream was short and Sina came back to the life she’s chosen, it was all that Sina wanted and sincerely thank Memempu for giving her the opportunity to do it all.
Memempu shows Sina a brief but beautiful dream, and Sina shows Memempu a lesson she must face on her journey. The song that Sina sang at the end of the ep “Answer” really touched my heart. Bittersweet but beautiful, and filled with emotions for many people, that’s what perhaps a kid like Memempu doesn’t understand but doesn’t accept. All of us are like that when we are children, but we also have to grow up and live for someone (family, important person or future for the next generation).
Memempu shows Sina a brief but beautiful dream, and Sina shows Memempu a lesson she must face on her journey to adulthood. Although the series has reached episode 11 and has not resolved anything specific in the main story, I must say that the message of each episode has been conveyed quite completely. Memempu has been kidnapped, and the next episode is the final one. The title of volume 12 of Sakugan is “TO BE CONTINUED”. There must be a part 2 for sure because otherwise, the drama will flop because it hasn’t resolved any conflicts yet.