Megaton Musashi Ep 5: A new comrade

After last episode, Reiji has joined the Musashi gang to fight the aliens, but he might not be the only addition to the team…
We got introduced to the “JK” gang that goes around beat up bullies, and commanded by a girl – and an idol no less! Well girlboss surely checks a lot of boxes for a lot of people. Jun Kirishima doesn’t just have the looks, but also the muscles as well. Being able to KO Ryuugo in 2 kicks is pretty impressive (although my man is a bit too pure to look at a girl’s thighs). Well, the gang almost let it slip that they are Megaton-class pilots to her, and she could kinda sense that there’s something up beneath the peaceful surface of this town anyway. So yeah, expect the sassy missy to join us soon!

Arthur and Musashi deployed together this time. And boy Reiji looks pretty cool in his pilot suit. The AI for Yamato this week is, aptly, an ojousama-ish idol type. Arthur and Musashi proceed to kick so many asses. Reiji’s is fighting true to his aim, which is to “protect” not to “exterminate” so he mostly sat back and support the Musashi gang, which is cool. That sword skill was beyond badass. The Hydro Bazooka is a pretty bulky boy though, it looks like a freaking Atomic Bomb lol.
And this week’s special attack is the Ryuusei (Meteor) Kick! And, as always, everyone advised him that it’s not gonna work. but common people, you’ve seen Yamato work miracles with limited resources before. His fighting instinct is out of this world, so if it were me, I’d trust him instead of doubt. Of course, he pulled it off once again (duh) and impressed everyone for the nth time (it’s more of a surprise why they are still skeptical of his methods). The Ryusei Kick isn’t an Inazuma kick but more of a Rider Kick. But Yamato’s quick-witted use of the Megaton Punch’s Explosion Core is pretty ingenius.
Next episode, a new Megaton-class might join the fray, along with the computer genius guy (maybe). Well he’s an IT genius so he might have just hacked the base to find more info. And Reiji got into a bind with one of the Dracters’ assassins as well. The plot is going fast and strong with zero brakes!


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