Kamen Rider Revice ep 9: Fractured Bonds

After a maddening ep 8, Revice continues with the Kagerou arc, as Ikki frantically trying to recover his brother from the self-proclaim demon. But little did he know, another member of his family is also having issues.

It’s really nice to see the Igarashi not losing hope, instead they place their trust in Ikki to bring their precious brother/son back. Seeing Mamarashi and Paparashi trying their best to put on a brave front and keeping the bathhouse positive was both heartbreaking and inspiring, especially the mother. She has been giving both Ikki and Daiji advice to solve their differences, however, it seemed to have failed so she must be feeling really down, not to mention she is their biological mother.

Ikki, well, sorta lost his cool in this episode. At the mere mention of Daiji’s name, he’d flip the table and rush in (well, can’t fault him for flipping at Revi since he’s an ass). Ikki still hold on the same belief that it is the Demon’s fault that Daiji was taken over, and that he wasn’t the cause. However, Kagerou’s words really rattled him there. Would be interesting to see what he will draw at the conclusion of this arc. Although Daiji’s inferiority complex runs pretty deep, which is also understandable, since struggling to escape someone’s shadow, more so when that person being your own family, their “imprint” on you would be much more heavy. Ikki, in the end, couldn’t accept that Daiji’s change might be because of him.
Sakura getting all flare up this episode also give us an uneasy premonition. One of the Deadmans exec was getting close to her before, and while he didn’t do any immediate harm, he might have sown the seeds of hatred within her. Her intense love for her family, particularly Daiji, might turn into a trigger that lead to the next tragedy of the Igarashi family and will finally break Ikki once and for all.

The Gaim Kamakiri form is pretty okay. It’s nothing too special but the design is quite simplistic. The Buddy Mode however still looks very funny though. That looks like it would hurt Revi a lot if they were to do it irl. The Mogura Genome on Demons was awesome. He’s slowly becoming my favorite of the series due to just how straightforward and idealistic he is.