Shinkalion Z ep 24: I like Shinkalion!

They are really going all-out with this series. Shinkalion Z latest episode opens a completely new door for us, with some mind-bending truth about the Teoti. And we also welcome the return of one of the most influential characters of the original series – the master of the Black Shinkalion.
The Teoti sure has one heck of a history. Sorta like the Dino Empire of Getter Robo but instead of going underground, they retreated into space. Makes you wonder what the whole timeline with the Kitoralsus is since there seems to be quite a fair bit of non-human activity in the ancient time on Earth. The Teoti are basically a secluded race that yearns to return to the Earth, however, their citizens are oblivious to how and what the leaders are doing. Although their methods are questionable, they really do seem to love their people. We also got introduced to the Diavol – an alien threat that seeks to destroy the Teoti. Seeing Astraea and Kannagi freaking out was very surprising. Abuto got onto the Dark Shinkalion and channel its power to defeat the Diavol. But he was left confused on the whole matter altogether.
Not gonna lie, the “normal” Teoti people seems pretty chill and the kids are innocent and cute. It doesn’t look like they are pro-war either since they are living peacefully, at least for their ordinary citizens. The warriors of Teoti were pretty valiant, almost made us forget who has been invading the Earth till now. Well this is much more of a conundrum compared to the Kitoralsus since the Teoti society is much more relatable.
Meanwhile, SEIRYU IS BACK, BABY! He looks absolutely badass after a few years of traveling abroad. Makes me wonder how Haruto would look in Z, if he comes back for the final battle or something that’d be the biggest fanservice ever. Then we get some pretty hilarious moments where Seiryu just went full Shinkansen otaku mode. Goes to show how crazy Haruto has conditioned him and Genbu.

But alas, the juicy parts arrive. Seiryu calls upon his Black Shinka and “train” our main trio personally. And of course, these chumpy kids don’t stand a chance against the mighty hero that saved the world. Seiryu delivered a pretty inspiring speech as if he’s Haruto himself. The choreograph of the fight is also very cool (well not so cool for Shin and gang since they got floored). Definitely a great eye-candy for Seiryu fans. Would be pretty awesome if he go into battle a few times after this episode.

Abuto is caught between a rock and a hard place, at the crossroad of fate – will he choose humanity or will he choose his father’s species? After witnessing both worlds, Abuto will have to struggle to reach a decision or a compromise. Will Shin be able to reach out to him in time and rekindle their bond again?

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