Kamen Rider Revice ep 8: Shattered Family

Just when you thought Revice would be just “detective case of the week” for a while, it hit you with a massive plot-twist in direction and bring the series to an all-time high

Finally Mama Igarashi got discharged from the hospital (I thought they would take a bit longer) but the timeframe makes a lot of sense which is nice. The family trip is quite a heartwarming thing to do from Papa Igarashi. It shows that he actually think about his family, and above all else, his wife. I guess even the goofiest husband will do romantic things for his wife even well into their 40-50s. However, signs of trouble keep popping up left and right, from the Deadmans, to Fenix, and of course, the odd behaviours of none other than Daiji. THe whole episode started out like a textbook family trip, but that soon change into a catastrophic experience.

The overlapping schemes are executed quite well and characters’ motive are explained clearly to the audience yet clouded to other characters in-universe. This create a tense atmosphere that only the viewers can feel. Although no-one can tell what the hell is going through George’s head so that’s a huge mystery that will keep everyone’s interest. Hiromi is slowly becoming a fan-favorite with how passionate he play his character, as well as his mannerism in-series. The Deadmans are interesting mix of scheming but also quite goofy in terms of action as well (at least that bowl cut dude). Sometimes the expression and reaction of characters can be a bit exaggerated but their personalities and emotions are expressed quite nicely.

The Kagerou revealed came out of nowhere – at least to Ikki’s family. It was such a crazy shock moment so early on in the series that its impact is huge. The ensuing scenes are perfectly done to create an intense and dramatic consequences as well. Papa Igarashi jumping in to stop Daiji was amazing. Even though the dude can cut him in half, he didn’t even hesistate to throw himself in to stop his sons from hurting each other. Furthermore, his pained face after the fact contrasted his previous wacky mood so much that it left quite a huge impact. Well, the entirety of the Igarashi family is devastated, not just the father. And you can see the pained expression on everyone’s face where their most joyous occasion was turned into a nightmare.
Action-wise, this episode still hold the same quality as previous ones. The Kong-Fourze form is pretty cool, especially when Vice got slashed aside but Ikki just calmly socked Daiji in the chin. The rocket punches are definitely a reference to Fourze’s rocket and maybe Vulcan’s Punching Kong as well. Overall, a very nice fight scene with decent special effects. The buddy mode still looks silly as hell though and the Kong mode combat is quite janky, but that’s par for the course in Kamen Rider.
One other thing that’s pretty cool is Demons/Hiromi just casually kicked all of the Deadmans Deputies asses like they are scrubbed. Goes to show how determined and powerful he is. The OOO’s Batta legs are pretty badass as well and goes well with the spider theme.
Amazing and intense episode for Revice. The unfolding family drama is something we don’t see often in Kamen Rider, especially when it’s the mc’s own family and this severe. Now it all falls to Ikki to bring his brother back from the Demon’s grasp.


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