Rumble Garanndoll ep 3: Call of the Hero

Ep 3 of Garanndoll signifies a turning point for the story line. After the no true “passion” issue in Hosomichi’s fighting spirit in the previous episode. This is the time for him to reignite his lost spirit and finally become one to match Rin-chan’s passion.

We start the story with Hosomichi in Rin’s dream world, where her passionate Toku dream takes place: A stage show for kids with the hero Zaburn. However, no matter what he try, he still screw up everything in that dream. Because that dream not only reflect Rin’s heart but also Hosomichi’s. On one side is he who has given up his enthusiasm and accepted reality, and the other is one who was still brimming with enthusiasm and has a strong belief in the hero of his childhood.

I’m pretty sure there are many people who have forgotten their childhood enthusiasm, they need to think about their life, their bread and butter. Life is hard for everyone and in Hosomichi’s case he must work to repay his debt. Also in this episode, we can see a little bit about his childhood, he used to be one of Zaburn’s fan, but due to his father, his childhood was cut short (well this is a common case in the parenting environment in the world in general and in Asia in particular). He grew up in a bad environment (I mean the background of this film is set in showa and heisei fight, guys) and lost his dream because of society’s standards. I can sympathize with him in some way and understand how Rin closed her heart.

Also, did you notice that the resolution of of anime in Rin’s dream world is different from the “real” world? Because it’s made to feel as if the “viewers” (us) is watching Rin’s stageplay like a movie in the cinema, which is a very cool artistic choice.

Luckily, Hosomichi knew what he needed to do at the right time. He finally accepted his feelings, the boy inside him has awakened. Rin make him realize who he truly is and he answered her pleas for help when she was most upset. There is a detail I really like in this episode, is when Hosomichi said he doesn’t feel embarrassed wearing that cosplay as Robo-don Rin yesterday. It’s not only the conversation between man and woman but also make me somehow recognize that expressing your real person no matter how weird it is can be more comfortable than wearing a mask to keep up your pretense. We also see in this episode no matter what the era is, the young lady like Hayato still get embarrassed when it comes to love-related matters, which is quite common for young and “showa” girls.

Once again, Shark-1 rises and becomes more powerful than before. We found out more about the engine used in Shark-1, which is the predecessor of Garann one. The Garann engine is used power of pilot’s patriotism which is typical with Showa People and Type-0 (Shark-1) is passionate energy which is very suitable with Heisei otaku. Moreover, this time Shark-1 has many references to other mecha and tokusatsu series. I’m pretty sure the cockpit settings is a reference to DitF, the lines that appear on Shark-01 is a reference to NT-D system, the Tau twin drivers, and the sword summon screen reference to kamen rider W, not fang joker, fang metal or fang trigger but fang agito lmao. Well, considering that Agito also means jaws, I think it fits the imagery. The finishing blow is super reminiscing of a Toku and Super Robot Wars DK trope too.

This episode is a huge turning point for Hosomichi’s development. Although the character development is still in the safe zone of the script, it is undeniable that it fits the story. Kamina nii-san… I mean Yamada eyes look really elegant and attractive, also Yamada x Mimi is my new ship. Also, we got to see a little bit of the next Denchi Shoujo, the last idol of Japan, which means I guess the last one is a neet. The enthusiastic one, the idol one and the neet one which is the 3 principal roles in the otaku world. During the opening, we can see all 3 of them chibi-fied so we might be getting a harem cockpit on our hands!


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