Sakugan ep 3: Heart of a Marker

After leaving Pinyin, Gagumber and Memempu have started their journey in the labyrinth. In this episode, we see the important role of basecamp in each floor of the labyrinth.

This ep begins with the scene Gagumber and Memempu mining minerals in exchange for money. Like everyone usually said “You must work in order to eat”. We can see on the map there are many basecamps from other markers. We can see this time like a camping day between father and daughter, we have a tent, campfire, stream and of course the cup noodles, I wonder why they eat so many cup noodles and still no noodle company sponsors this anime, what a shame. This episode also shows us the familiar motif in anime that is reason vs instinct. No matter how logical the argument is, instinct still plays an important role when making important choices. Also, in this ep we can see the situation of the labyrinth is usually unstable and unusual which is make a hint for the plot in the future.
The topic of this ep can be said is about family relationship, between the parents and their child. Also the elder and the younger. In life, Young people are adventurous and elders tend to lean on experience. Memempu in this ep show us that even though she is a genius, she is still just a 9 years old child, there are definitely things she can’t do. I think that everybody here can see ourselves in somewhere in life through Memempu this episode, stubborn kiddo and don’t listen to what parent say and decide for yourself what you want even if it’s risky. Memempu’s childhood doesn’t have a mom and Gagumber is pretty sure not a good single dad, so she must force herself to grow up fast, become a genius to be independent. However, in her first difficulty, finally she behaved right for her age, she got lost, lost her tools and can only hid in one place and asked her father for help.

It can be seen that, in this episode, Memempu is more mature than the previous episode and is becoming more and more of a Marker. Gagumber show us that he might not be the best dad but still wants the best for his daughter and the experience of an expert in the Labyrinth. Like Steve Harvey said: “I never hit or spanked one of my daughters and they take full advantage of it”. Seem like every dad issues when they have daughters, even Memempu is quite mean to him, but no matter what, she is still his little girl, and when his daughter is lost he uses everything to find her. It’s now becoming more and more impossible to look down on this man, he is like some kind of hard-boiled and half boiled at the same time (like Shotarou of KR W lol).
The music and animation in this ep is still maintaining the quality, which I really enjoy. Still the trumpet or saxophone sound and Big tony’s ability has never let me down. In this ep we can see more DORIRUUUUUU scenes and parachute scene. tbh I more and more want to have Big Tony model kit so badly. It’s not only Big Tony shine in this ep but also the mini Tony one. It has flashlight, fleece and inflates to reduce damage on landing, so flexible.

Another great episode this week. I can tell this anime is not only about mecha but also somehow teach us about the relationship between dad and daughter, how to deal with daughters (in the future if you are single) and listen to them. At the end of this ep, we also see the mystery man under the umbrella and enjoy his tea. Look rich and bizarre, smells like in-game requesters. Looking forward to how they deal with the mystery rich man in the next episode.

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