Megaton Musashi ep 4: A fight to protect

Episode 4 of Musashi shifted the focus to another character aside from our three main pilots. This time we learn a lot about the Medic’s department superhuman pilot – Reiji Amemiya.

We have already met Reiji in the last episode and learned that he has an abnormal affection with a cat. But he didn’t know that there is a less-than-amiable plot behind the cute feline – orchestrated by none other than his saviour. Reiji’s background is that of a miraculous survivor among dozens of casualties and he somehow gained supernatural power beyond human ability. His power included telekinesis and mysterious medical power. Although this kind of development is really out of left field and make it feel even more Aquarion, Reiji’s quite an interesting character.

We’re no stranger to pacifist type of pilot, but that’s usually in conflicts where both sides have a mean of communication and is capable of understanding each other. However, as far as everyone’s concern, the Dracter is just faceless aliens invading non-stop and kill with no mercy. Reiji’s refusal to fight until the last moment where the cat dies is something quite interesting. Compared to Yamato who is just dying to sock the aliens in the face with a giant glowing punch, Reiji’s a complete opposite. However, both knew and experienced the deeds that the Dracters commit, so it’d be interesting to see the two interact in the next episode.

Arthur is one badass mech! We got another addition to the centaur gang. The galloping movement looks very well done and not unnatural at all. OLM animated Zoids and Shinkalion so they are plenty experienced with quadruples. No “special” attacks for Arthur yet but I expect some badass stuff in the future. Arthur’s design is pretty much Dukemon x Knight Gundam x Jeeg’s Pantheroid, and that oozes aesthetic.

We got some brief moments with Yamato though. And dude just flat out rejected a girl’s confession – and probably a school idol one at that. All he can think about is fighting the aliens so no time for mushy mushy love. That’s based as heck. Dude just keep going, never look back and punch everything in the way.
Arshem, as expected, hold pacifist ideals even among the Dracters. She want to co-exist peacefully with the humans but of course, the Queen (who is also her mother) wouldn’t have it (as usual). But yeah, she’s gonna be a massive tsundere or just a very awkward girl interested in Yamato. Looking forward to more high school hijinks from this duo.

This episode is a pretty unexpected one, mostly because of Reiji’s surprising background and superpower. Although we also get to see the kinds of things a person that has lost all hope will resort to to force others to fight. The Doctor’s method is quite unacceptable, however, he got Reiji to fight, although against his will, and I expect Reiji to refuse to fight in the future. Next episode, Reiji and Yamato might meet, and it will be fun to see these two interact.

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