Ultraman Trigger ep 14: Kingdom Come

Episode 14 of Trigger comes right after the “special detective” episode – which, to be honest, isn’t much. So it falls to this crossover episode to bring back Trigger to its glory, and it did so marvellously.

This episode deals with Kengo’s inability to control the Eternity Core. After getting that great power, Kengo and Akito as well as Yuna realized that it is too much for him to handle. The power is so great that it will literally destroy his body in the process of using it. As always, great power comes with great responsibility and challenge. However, it’s clear that Kengo is going at this problem all wrong. He thinks that if he just keep trying a little harder again and again, eventually he’ll get it under control without any regards to his body. A very classic hero of justice sacrificial tendency to protect others.

And of course, a new threat arrive. Well, not exactly new, since we already saw them in Ultra Galaxy Fight – the Absolutians. It’s pretty funny how every time they refer to themselves, they have to include the “Ultimate Life Form, Absolutian” catchphrase like they are insecure about their identity. Well, we also know that the current 3 Dark Giants are not at their full power and can be easily overpowered by the Absolutians. So in latter stage we might see them powering up.
And Trigger got called out lol. Provoked into action, Kengo got pummeled by Diavolo – who is the Power type of the Absolutians. But at least he didn’t go down without a fight, as he got quite a few hits in with his Power Type form as well. Which is a good thing since before, the majority of the time is him getting owned 100%. After resolved to fight, it seems his fighting skills also increased. Nevertheless, his effort to control the Eternity Glitter failed yet again.

In comes the star of the episode, the new member of the Galaxy Rescue Force – Ultraman Ribut! And he absolutely kicked asses.
Ribut is a Malaysian Ultra that debuted in Upin & Ipin and later joined with the other Ultras in UGF. He demonstrated some pretty amazing Silat this episode. Totally showed Diavolo who’s boss. Ribut scene is very well-directed. The building reflection part was very amazing as well as when he used to Rod as well. I though Ignis would join the fray but maybe it’s too early for him.
At the end, Ribut showed his human version in front of Kengo. And it’s obvious that he will mentor Kengo on how to control the power of the Eternity Core. And uh, next episode will get a bit snakey.

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