Eighty Six ep 15: Prelude to War

Shin: “You though your name was Reginleif? It’s a me: Juggernaut!”
The quality keeps getting better. This episode did not have any fight scenes at all, rather than that we have a lot of visual storytelling to compensate it. It’s hard to find any drop quality in animation. Can’t believe this anime is from A-1 Pictures, whom was responsible to Sword Art Online, but also Qualidea Code.

On the other hand, the details in the world-building and mecha nerdgasm has also been satisfied with the Reginleif’s descriptions that came out directly from the light novels, and the army building when Shin’s gang talked with their boss Grete. From what I heard the author did ask military advisor to check if this part makes sense or not, make you feel appreciation to the hard working of the anime staff and the author herself.

This episode continued with Shin as the main focus. Since the day he buried his brother, we could see our Grim Reaper become more and more human, step by step. Eugene’s death has somehow hasten this process. In one scene, we could see that when Shin made the shot, his eyes differed from the first season. He has definitely taken this toll, and it is interesting that Raiden instantly regconized something is wrong with his Reaper. And to think that Raiden mention Lena, made me wondered that did the XO wanted something from her that he and others Eighty-sixes could not give to their Reaper. Not to mention, we have a glimpse of Lena and her situation at the very last moments of the episode. I do wish that the next episode will be told through Lena’s POV.

We once again got a polarized Frederica sequence. Between her walking around half asleep in the hallway and annoy the heck outta Shin (which he totally wouldn’t give a damn if they were still in Sans Magnolia) and her giving Shin a heartfelt talk about her insecurities as well as the grave awareness of her own situation. Well Frederica sure fits the description of someone even the Reaper would want to protect. It’s hard to correlate her childish self and her mature one as one single person, since the difference is just too huge. But I guess that’s one of her unique feature. Her conversation with Shin in his room really hits some notes that Lena wasn’t able to address in season 1, partly due to Frederica, while younger, has “seen” more.


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