Ultraman Trigger 15: Enter the Dragon

This week’s Trigger show us that if you can’t figure out how to control a great power within you, just dance!
Ribut proceeds to teach Trigger on how to “regulate” the great potential of the Eternity Core…by beating the crap outta him. It is very apparent that Ribut – a master in Silat – can floor Kengo no matter how many times he comes at him. Ribut’s actor Shimba Tsuchiya did a fine job with his martial arts choreograph. It might not be super perfect but it looks quite well-trained. Kengo at the time was still burdened by the responsibility of the Light and forgot about everything else, so Ribut showed him that he is not just a reincarnation of Trigger’s Light, but also an individual named Kengo Manaka. Once he understand who he is, he was able to control the Eternity Core power. A bit of a cheap cop out, but I mean, for Ultraman, this isn’t out of the realm of possibility. It’s interesting to note that Ignis seems to learn something from this too.

GUTS-Select also planned to capture the energy of the Absolutian to activate the ship’s Battlemode. Which is pretty dumb since they made the thing but didn’t have enough energy to transform, which I call BS. I mean…really? Even the plan to replicate Trigger’s energy is dumb but it seems that Diavolo is even dumber for falling for that. And not to mention the 3 Dark Giants just helped GUTS-Select out without even trying to steal the gathered energy for their own use. If I were them, I’d have snatch the captured energy and use it to restore their own power, since they are in a weakened state.
No matter, we get a banger fight with Diavolo. Trigger Glitter Eternity is now fully under Kengo’s control and he can unleash much more power aside from Violet now. The Sky Photon – Cobalt moves are some of my favorite. Although they really need to consider naming attack moves that correlate to how the move actually looks like, since Eternity Bomber is just a Wave Slash. Overall, Trigger displayed a much better battle comprehension and coordination this episode, which is great (a dance can do you wonders I guess). The Nursedessei Battlemode looks silly as all hell, but the attacks are pretty badass. Although I find it funny that everytime it transform, all the rooms inside are gonna be trashed to hell. Logistics and clean-up crew must be crying (especially the ones that have to clean up the bathrooms).

Ribut is pretty awesome in this episode (even though the highlight is definitely Trigger’s fight with Diavolo), but well, it’s not unusual for crossover characters to steal some of the spotlight. A bit of lazy writing with the Eternity control process but the action is very awesome. The dance is quite uplifting and fun as well. At the end of the episode, we got treated to another great spectacle: Ignis transforming into Trigger Dark, which is pretty cool with that whirlwind effect. Looking forward to Ignis not being comic-relief ossan!


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