Megaton Musashi ep 3: the Plot thickens!

Episode 3 of Megaton gives us a lot to think about. Many characters are setup for some huge plot impact later. And of course, the giant Musashi-class sorties once again!
We open up with a salaryman getting murdered by one of the alien’s assassin, just like what Arshem attempted in ep 1. Wonder if the camera that caught him on film
Then we come to see Commander Minami looking all hot and bothered (*wink wink) and then she had to inject a purple syringe that looks hella suspicious. And she even collapsed on Teru when he came to find her. It seems Teru is especially concerned about her. What could their actual relationship be? and what is Minami’s condition?
We also get to see some fun interaction between Yamato and Kanzaki – the girl Arshem is possessing. Well, they are students so a bit of rom-com in the series will definitely help lighten the mood and feels much more natural. Although it’s the classic “Oh shit! What do humans do in this situation?” kinda thing. But it’s still very entertaining to see Arshem’s “attempted” assassination effort. 10 points for her trying lol. It might lead to her eventually learning more about human and find a way to solve the war later.
The Dracters have come to invade again. And the mission Musashi got this time is “Base defense”. The way they depict Musashi’s sortie certainly feels very video game-y. It’s like undertaking missions of various style in a video game (and I’m sure the actual game will have this too). We also have another AI assistant in the cockpit, and it seems that there are various type of AIs too, and this week we get the Ara Ara Onee-san type (what is with mecha and virtual AI this season?). It feels like Musashi has too many gimmicks at this point, but at least it isn’t overly complicated (yet).
CHEST CANNON LET’S GOOO! The Diffusion Blaster is super badass, reminding me of Dendoh’s Gatling Boar. From the list of attacks that we saw in ep 2, Musashi has like a dozen weapons hidden inside its body and at least 2 dozens attacks that it can perform. Logics be damned because this is a Super Robot show so… The attack sequence is very cool when everyone control a different mechanism for the attack, it’s like SRX except if Rai and Aya don’t shout Nendo and Tronium everytime Ryusei do something. The beam looks massive and is a clear tribute to Jeeg’s Spin Storm. Teru commented on Yamato’s combat instinct once again. It’s like he’s made for battle since the day he was born with the unorthodox moves he made.
Then we get a very important development. Arshem couldn’t stay in Kanzaki’s body for long and the she had to take medication to remain on Earth, which will affect their health. Is this a hint at Commander Minami’s condition? If so, then she might be more than meets the eyes and a very insane plot is unfolding in front of our eyes. Reiji also got a very…”interesting development” when he find the love of his life. Jun also seems to be catching on to things happening in the city as well. There are many things that can lead to a lot of interesting stuff. Hopefully Musashi don’t overdo it with the anime since the game definitely has ample time to solve all of them, but the anime might not. Let’s pray they didn’t repeat the pacing issue in Gundam Age.
OLM did a marvelous job once again with Musashi. Awesome animation this time around, just like Shinkalion. They really know how to put the sense of weight into the robot whenever they come into impact with the ground and other objects. The OP has become my favorite this season too, so energetic and badass!

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