Shikizakura ep 2: Become a Hero!

Episode 2 of Ginga Kikoutai Kurogane no Revisions aka Shikizakura bring us the acceptance arc. Young Aruto has finally decided that he shall treaded the path of a hero, even if it means partnering with the Devil himself.
The exocist gang doused the newly lit fire in Kakeru’s heart with a bucket of cold water. He basically was told off and that they didn’t need him and he could become a threat if mismanaged, so they essentially don’t trust him at all. With Ibara constantly whisper crazy stuff into his ears, is is even more dangerous to let him wear the suit any further. And so, he was dismissed. Ibara reminded me of Revi from Revice, but more sinister. The guy just want to devour every single human being right then and there.
Of course, our main character has a lot of inner debate about his situation. He thought he had finally be able to do something more than cowering in fear like that day years ago. But he was essentially deemed useless by the people that he want to join the most. Thankfully, that’s where our reliable buddy come in. Dude really knows how his Toku trope well. “Don’t think, just follow your heart and do what you feel is right” – he said. And that motivate our boy Kakeru right up and, conveniently, he received a certain message calling for help.
Oka and the exorcist gang was on the way to exterminate some demons, but they were careless and Ryou got himself too caught up in pursuing an Oni that he got cornered. It seems he got one of those warrior’s shortsightedness where he focus too heavily on the things in front of him and rushing in without considering the situation. He almost look like he was about to break and became food for the Oni as well due to his unstable mental condition. However, that’s when the hero arrives!

Kakeru arrives just in time and heed the call of Oka. He basically forced Ibara into a deal and managed to wrangle the rein from him (temporarily I bet). Ibara isn’t the type to just…roll over and obey a human (in this sense he’s like Kurama). But at least, the two has come to an understanding, reflected by Ibara’s suit changing color to a more heroic white now. And Kakeru jump straight into battle to prove his determination.
The animation this episode is very 50-50, on one hand, the character animation still sucks since their movement are quite stiff, especially the boys. The girls are tolerable but not much better either. However, when they put on the suit, their movement became super fluid and the animation turn around 180. It’s one of the common thing in today’s full CGI anime. The human aspect are really janky while the non-human one are perfectly done. While wearing the suit, they have superhuman strength and speed so their action are much more fluid and some of them use mechanical weapons so the animation is even more easier. Overall, it is an average mark in animation.
The songs, however, were very cool. May’n voice is as good as ever and the OP is quite upbeat and refreshing.