Mecha Profile: MAILeS Kenbu Zan – Kyoukai Senki

After the decisive battle against Ghost, the majority of the Kenbu has been blown to bits, only its cockpit and the pilot survive. But that isn’t the end of Amou’s fight, but a time for the next season upgrade. The MAILeS was given a major upgrade to both hardware and software, and the reborn Kenbu is back on the battlefield, fighting for the independence of Japan. Its new name is the Kenbu Zan!

I. History:
– After the fight with Ghost on the island, Kenbu was severely damaged to the point that only the pilot and the I-LeS was salvageable. After that, Tryvecta took the remains of Kenbu to their base and began on rebuilding a new unit, stronger, faster and better.

– The development was kept a secret from Yatagarasu and other Resistance’s force. After eight months, the unit was finally finished. Unfortunately, the facility Amou was staying at was attacked, triggering his fight-or-flight response and he killed one of the assailants. This sent Amou into a state of shock and survivor’s guilt.

– Soon after, Amou and the Kenbu Zan returned to the Japan’s battlefield and rejoined Yatagarasu. The Kenbu Zan displayed great strength on the battlefield much to the shock of everyone in the Resistance, including Gashin and Shion. The Kenbu Zan continued to fight until the New Japan gained independence.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:

– The Zan is, of course, built based on the old blueprint of the Kenbu. After salvaging what’s left of the Kenbu (mainly Amou and the ILeS Gai), Tryvecta built a brand new unit with high specs all around. The YM-04 Kenbu stand at 10.8-meter, slightly taller than the old Kenbu. The unit weight 11.5 tons, which is significantly heavier than the original unit.

– While the basic proportion of the Zan is similar to the old unit, its armor has been upgraded significantly (which explain the additional weight). Even with additional armor, the Kenbu Zan is even more agile than before due to revamped and enhanced output, mobility and durability. These upgrades are possible due to the experience data accumulated by Gai during Kenbu’s battles, which resulted in the ability to perform instantaneous movements that far surpasses any other mechs on the field.

– Kenbu Zan’s weapons are also upgraded versions of the original MAILeS. The Vibro Sword has been replaced with a Super Heated Vibrating Long Sword, which has a much longer and larger blade that is as tall as Kenbu Zan itself. The weapon is much heavier than the old sword but thanks to the unit’s increased output, it can wield the weapon with great accuracy and speed. Due to the weight of the weapon, normal AMAIM is incapable of wielding it. The blade of the sword glows straight to blue when activated instead of orange (which was probably at a weaker temperature).

– In addition, the Kenbu Zan doesn’t carry a separate rifle anymore, but a 40mm Arm Cannon instead. The cannon can hold a magazine with 20 rounds in it. This sub weapon is the Kenbu Zan’s only range weapon. The Kenbu Zan massively favors melee combat more than range so this weapon is just a sub option in case Amou really need it.

– While inactive, the Kenbu Zan can also fold itself into a parked state like other MAILeS. The legs and arms can fold in half as well as the main body to reduce dimensions to allow for easier transport. The unit can be loaded onto the ASC carrier.

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