Mecha Profile: MAILeS Kenbu – Kyoukai Senki

Amidst a Japan dominated by foreign superpower, there are brave men and women who stood up and fight for their independence. While foreign soldiers hide behind their remote-controlled mechas called AMAIM (Auto Mobile Artificial Intelligent Mount), our main character – a teenage boy who has just found his purpose – brave the battlefield himself in the cockpit of his MAILeS (Mobile Artificial Intelligence Learning System) – Kenbu.


I. Development History:
– Originally developed by Yatagarasu – an armed organization determined to take back Japan from its chains, Kenbu was abandoned in a factory in an incomplete state. That was when Amou Shiba – an orphaned student with a fascination for machinery – discovered it and began assembling it using spare parts he scavenged from other AMAIMs.

– By chance, he came across a mysterious AI unit called “Gai”. In truth, he is a special I-LeS (Intelligence Learning System) with advanced learning algorithms (and a weird sense of theatrical). By equipping Gai on Kenbu, the robot became an advanced combat machine unmatched by the other AMAIM. Since unlike the other foreign units, Kenbu has a pilot sitting physically in its cockpit and controlling it with the assistance of an AI that have massive processing ability.

– After joining Yatagarasu, Kenbu received some really important upgrade. With enhanced armor and new weapons, Kenbu’s combat spec increase once again. And with Amou and Gai experiencing battles after battles, the two develop their synchronicity and combat sense even more, turning Kenbu into the most fearsome close-combat MAILeS.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:

– The YM-02 Kenbu stand at 10.4-meter, which put him in-between a small Mobile Suit like the Crossbone Gundam(15.9m) and an Arm Slave such as the Arbalest(8.5m). The unit weight 9.6 tons, which is quite a fair bit considering it is quite agile on-screen.

– When it was first discovered, the Kenbu didn’t have any notable weapons aside from just a small shield with a hidden blade. After joining Yatagarasu’s ranks, it receive a 60mm Portable Autocannon and a Super-Heated Vibro Sword. The Autocannon fires combustible cartridge-case ammunition and can pierce through almost all modern armor, including other AMAIMs. The Vibrating Straight Sword can cut through anything using its extremely heated edge and high-speed vibration. These two weapons are Kenbu’s main armament and can be stored on the Weapon rack on the back (similar to Muv-Luv TSF’s Mount Pylon).

– As the show progress, Kenbu receives another weapon: the Super-Heated Vibro Claw. This is also a melee weapon that utilize the same technology as the Vibro Sword – using heat and vibration to cut through the enemy. In addition, the weapon’s body can be used as an armguard.

– While inactive, the Kenbu can fold itself into a parked state. The legs and arms can fold in half as well as the main body to reduce dimensions to allow for easier transport. The Kenbu also has a boarding mechanism where the back skirt contains an elevating gimmick to allow the pilot to board the machine even while it’s standing up. In its parked state, the entrance to the cockpit is close to the ground which makes boarding it easy.

– Kenbu is the only MAILeS to ever have its limiters released. It is unclear if the other MAILeSes can also do this. While the limiters are unlocked, its power indicators on the joints changed color, signifying a change in energy consumption and output. While in its “awakened” state, Kenbu’s performance increase drastically and its output are much higher. However, the “unlocked” state consumes a lot of energy and put a heavy strain on the machine, such as the joints, so it cannot be used for an extended period.

III. Trivia:
– The Kenbu is designed by Okuyama Ken, the designer of the Gundam G40 and some Ferrari sport cars.
– The limbs on the unit are segmented and isn’t connected like conventional mecha. This is to help absorb the shock while moving at a fast paced as Kenbu is a ground unit that rely on running a lot.
– The segmented limbs are similar to Kuromukuro’s design from Kuromukuro.
– Cockpit is quite similar to Code Geass’ KnightMare Frame in design

IV. Gallery: