Kyoukai Senki ep 5: Painful Return

After a painful experience last week, Amou has left Kenbu behind and left for a “normal” life. But can his steps take him further away from the conflict, or will it just be a one-way trip to battledome?
First of all, I just want to say that I want Gai. That guy sure is man’s best friend. He makes good jokes (well objectively), had no problem in hacking (he litteraly accessed to official database and change Amou’s ID and wanted order so that he could buy stuff) to ensure his master’s safety. God, I loved him. The chemistry between him and Amou is one of my favorite things about Kyoukai Senki. At first I thought he was gonna be a bit obnoxious but he’s been cool until now.
Talking about favorite things, I think that there a bit of resemblance between Gundam AGE and Kyoukai Senki, as they both kinda had a childish character designs but did not afraid showing blood and cruelty. Especially in this episode, Sunrise Beyond showed actual people got shot, well not in the face, but we can see blood from the wound and it was shown directly into our face, not to mention all those war crimes, false accusation, human trafficking… which has been well executed in this episode. A bravo to the staff.
The characterization, on the other hand, felt exactly like what I thought: in this episode Amou will find out about the current situation of being a Japanese, help him to cope with onee-san’s death and do what Peter Parker’s uncle Ben once said: “Great power comes with great responsibility”. He got to see first hand what the people are experiencing, and what will happen if he just sit there and turn his back against reality .It is a nice build up for Amou. Although, the nationalistic view in this episode is pretty strong

Kenbu didn’t show off in this episode much, but every shot felt impactful. The execution was perfect. Some of the still shots made Kenbu looks extremely intimidating to reflect its pilot’s mood at the time. With Kenbu in Amou’s hand, he had a nice little revenge against the Nyuren, which from the episode 3 kicked Amou’s ass, made the experience felt much better.
Quite an impactful episode. They really managed to spur your hatred for the economic bloc, especially the Asia Army, this episode. Although they are just a stepping stone for Amou’s resolution (which means it was predictable), it was executed well. Next episode, the final brothers of Kenbu, Reiki will finally appear. I do anticipate its debut and pilot as well.


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