Muv-Luv Alternative ep 4: Royal Indictment

Episode 4 of MLA continued to tease us with TSF action, yet no major conflict has taken place. Aside from some “new” faces this episode, we got to see the poster TSF of the franchise: the Takemikazuchi 00R
They kept the Post-CCSE fan service beach scene that fans thought it had been discarded from the visual novel (Meiya got the best part, but Marimo looked pretty hot as well). There are more than just those for veteran fans though, where they showed the Takemikazuchi all covered up fresh out of the factory. This is a brand new addition from the anime to reference another iconic mecha: the RX-93 Nu Gundam. The best mechs in their respective series.

The magnificent TSF animation is continuingly to satisfy viewers with consistent high quality and a lot of small details (with the cooling barrels and the TSF’s landing animation). Not to mention that SD’s TSF scenes are adorable and also a pleasant surprise. They even added visual aids for the audience that are new to the franchise (guns in Muv-Luv don’t have trigger since they are fired by signals, so that scene of Takeru pulling the trigger is purely for visual comprehension)

Compare to the last episode, the characters animation’s quality is more consistent. There were errors here and there but overall better than before. The amount of information which was dumped at us were enough to build up the series while kept the audiences knew what was going on. The bad: Other characters still did not have many screen time, mainly Class Rep, Ayamine, Tama and Mikoto. Though Takeru and Mana did stole a big chunk of the spotlight. The Imperial Guards – while appeared limitedly – really asserted their dominance and discipline. Aside from that, we get the heartwarming Marimo moment. If you know, you know.

For those of you who watched Muse Asia, the Konoe Imperial Troops are actually Imperial Royal Guards (Konoe-gun), the translator might not be familiar with the franchise so mistakes can happen. For those who watched Crunchyroll, the Fubuki is actually Type-97, not Type-94 (Type-94 is the Shiranui). Hopefully they’ll correct those at a later date.

The Valgern-On flashback is nice, as well as the Game Guy stuff. We heard Sumika for the first time but sadly, not much about her was shown aside from her being a very close friend with Takeru. Well, audience might be able to deduce what she is to Takeru but the extent is far more than what was shown. Hopefully they will show more Extra-Sumika since if the anime is going to where I think it is, we’ll need a lot of that. And yes, you aren’t mistaken, gaming skills will be the KEY to save the world. Who would have thought? Better buy Project Mikhail or Armored Core and practice for the impending alien invasion.

This episode is quite nicely paced. Less of a rush than previous one, but still not much characterization since most are invested in Takeru’s development. There are still some plot points that aren’t properly explained like the HSST but I figure those are not Alternative-critical (only in Unlimited). Next episode, I hope we can see the Tameme Supreme.