Kyoukai Senki ep 4: Gone too soon

Alright, alright, we got it Sunrise. You raised a whole forest of flags last episode, so of course shit’s gonna happen. Episode 4 of Kyoukai Senki went just as we predicted it would be, but at least the mecha combat looks phenomenal!
Our lovely onee-san raised too many flags last episodes and sadly she could not make it through this ep. We knew this would happen since last week but I guess a part of us did not want it to be true. I’m amazed that with the limited screentime she still left an impact on us and Amou as well. I mean, she poured her sob backstory and still went on to take a swim with an adolescent boy right after, who could resist that? Man, it must be hard for that boy. And I kinda surprised that the anime actually mentioned “counseling” for Amou, this detail meant that a lot of people like him has been through this before, which made my spine chill. Japan sure is screwed.

The story play quite safe, but it’s effective and logical. With how slow the pace is, it’s a bit refreshing from all of the rushing story. Oh, and, that Lieutenant guy is a charming character,. From his voice to how he was characterized. One of the interesting side-character in my opinion. But the star of this week episode is of course: Ghost.

Ghost(s) are AMAIMs that have gone berserk and attacked anyone from every faction. Compared to the industrial and compacted AMAIM designs, Ghost stands out from them all, even the MAILeS. One look at it and you know he’s bad business (and highly likely to be evil with that hand) .Edgy looking, edgy colors (but not in a bad way), Ghost debut in this episode, in my opinion, has been done great job. The animation, the movements, the battles and the music all contribute to its glory as a berserk machine. You can definitely tell the superior quality compared to the previous cannon fodder battles because this time, everyone’s an ace .The detonation gimmick is pretty neat, which subvert the trope that after it blows, the main mechs will be damaged but still fine, instead they gave it quite an interesting properties, wonder how this will play out in the future. I do hope that this will not be the final time we see it.

Amou, now lost his motives, what would he do after discarding Kenbu? He never expected to witness a death this soon and more so of someone he’s fond of. His face is stricken with grief as he hold her necklace. Will he return to the battlefield with Kenbu or will he just keep running away? Well, I’m sure you all can tell.


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