GB Battlogue ep 2: Ace’s Arrival

In this episode of GBB, Sunrise surprised us with the character cameos from the mobile game this time. Quite a number of characters came straight from the game, a pleasant to see (especially the mom, especially the white-haired mom). Knowing Obari-sensei, he definitely requested to include her.

On the other hand, have we ever disappointed at the mecha animation in a Gundam show before? SEED and Wing? Kinda, mostly because the staff recycled the animation too much, not the actual quality of the scenes themselves. GBB still brought to us that beauty, and they did it with style. Our man Obari-sensei has never let us down, from fan-services to fan-services, he is truly a master of mecha. As mentioned in ep 1, it’s a Gunpla commercial at the core, so showing off the main suits’ moves is the main goal here. And the fluidity of the animation and the shading was better than ep 1.

The plot, not much we could say about it. With how short the episode was, not many twists or some details that require us to use our brain much. When you watch this show, just relax, lay down and chill. Although our main villain just casually stand atop of the Unicorn statue without a care, if I were the GB Festa staff I’d send some security to taze him down lol.


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