Ancient G’s Frame ep 8: Returner

Episode Review,  Mecha Discussion
Another non-combat episode, but a very heartwarming one. After a few shenanigans in space, we are finally back to Earth and the last loose end that we didn’t resolve: the fate of Judith and her Gardharva after her atmospheric entry. All hope seems lost, until now.

It’s hard to imagine that one month already passed since Judith re-entry. I mean…where are the goddamn military? Her G-Frame is a powerful unit and she is a very crucial and influential personnel of the army. I reckon rescuing her would be pretty high on the priority list. But anyway, Dr. Li Yan (Xinglan’s father) is back in action! And boy he’s one badass dude. He knows what’s important and isn’t afraid to do what’s right even if that means disobeying rules and regulations. Also the commander is such a chad when he just went “Sure! Go for it. I’ll take care of the pencil-pushers.” Seeing humanitarian military high officials weren’t too common these days. Though the series do reflect the right mentality of a few higher-ups. It’s all about the budget.
The rescue operation was nicely done as well. It’s not the most illustrious scenes since it’s mostly under the dark ocean and the ship wasn’t moving that much. It’s pretty funny that the submarine is named “Black Dragon” when it’s mostly red. Li Yan is a pretty cool guy for his age. His “team” is pretty interesting too. We got a Dr. Wily expy, the hot chick, the buff dude and the nerdy geek. His team could be a main cast in another series altogether. Eitherway, they were actually pretty fun to watch.

Still not much action, but I’m happy that Judith was rescued and that we got a lot of characterization for Li Yan. Wondering what the mystery disk is for?

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