Kyoukai Senki 8: Revitalization

A country is nothing without its people.

To win a war, you must have the support of the people. Episode 8 of Kyoukai Senki did something that I did not expect in the first place. We had an episode that show a different aspect of the Yatagarasu Resistance like devoting themselves to make the lives of Japanese, those that have been affected by war and strifes, better. Other factions had done the same, if they want to spread their influence to their occupied Japanese, just like what the Asia and North America did (on Asia side though, it varies depend on who is in charge). Yatagarasu, being a resistance force, need money and personnel in order to achieve their goal: to take back Japan from the foreign forces, hence why the aid for those in need, Japanese precisely.
Yatagarasu provided them with the basic needs to survive, be it water supply, emergency food, electrics to fixing houses, make the earth fertile, etc. That is a right way to heal people’s hearts when they are under colonization. In the past, a lot of revolution started with winning over people’s hearts before any major movements, except for gathering funds, that is like the basic before doing anything else. Yatagarasu did a great job in this, but after this episode it made me wonder:
Just how big the organization(s) is/are that they able to provide all of those? We can understand the supply lines and stuff but where did the money come from? And honestly, in any organization, there will be someone bad apples that will ruin everything, I kinda want to see that happen and what will Yatagarasu do to deal with or cover it up.
Back to the characters. Again, Shion is cute, hella cute when she fixed the round kiln, and taught how to make pottery to kids. But my favorite characters in this episode have to be Gouken, Germain and Misuzu, I anticipated Gouken to be a charismatic leader, and this episode showed me what I wanted from him, a charismatic person. Germain, he impressed me immediately with his character design, the way he spoke to the characters,… I won’t lie, he sure looks like a veteran businessman, and kinda like a snake as well, perfect fit. Misuzu, on the other hand, just watch this episode and tell me your opinion (a mechanic girl is always a plus). Gashin this episode is uncharacteristically cute, the way he freaked out when the lil’ girl latch on him.

Next episode: another episode with likely few mecha action, instead, we have Gashin smiling and laughing, maybe more backstory from him.