Muv-Luv Alternative ep 6 & 7: Old World, New War

Episode 6 Review:

– I’m back! – Takeru Shirogane.
Yes, he is back, back to his old world – the original peaceful world where there are no BETAs, no TSFs, and most importantly, Sumika is there. Episode 6 marks the day Shirogane Takeru first time came back to his old world (I will call it Extra world). However, he also came back with a realization: people are still killing each other in wars and conflicts, but it’s far better than what the BETA world has for us and they are far away from the peaceful country he’s living in. A world where you don’t see your comrades got ripped to pieces by testicle aliens.
The animation of this episode is still consistent with recent previous eps, which means they are passable with no jarring cut. The quality isn’t superb but not bad either. For mecha genre, we have the Robotic:Notes, and Muv Luv as well. Of course, mecha in visual novels are mostly portrayed like cardboards, even in fights. When there are really important fight, they use animation to cover the gap of word and film. Mecha animation in Muv Luv adaptation are superb, no one could argue about that though. The character animation though, did not have that grace, considering how they minimize the details from the original character designs so that the animators could have a better time animating them. But then, thanks to it, they can covers a lot of scenes that in the visual novel could only be described as sprites talking to sprites, make them better. Just like how Yuuko’s eyes got zoom in 2 times, let us see the details in and around her eyes: eyes that have not been slept for god knows how long, all of that devotion, all for humanity survival. Takeru gave a salute to the Yuuko in Extra world was done with care, and that moment was not something visual novel fans have “seen”. They might have read the dialouges, imagined the scene in their minds, but to see it happen like this, only anime/animation can give it to them. Me and the gangs in MA were surprised by the slow pace the animation is currently being made.
Episode 7 Review:

Episode 7 picked up right where episode 6 ended. Takeru got some peaceful time before going back to the nightmarish BETAverse. He got some emotional moments with Sumika, his childhood that has never appeared elsewhere except in flashback. After half of the cour, the second main heroines has appeared in the flesh. From her tone to the way she talked with Takeru, those solidified the relationship of Takeru and Sumika for the anime-only fans: osanajimi – childhood friends. To some of visual novel fans, if you have watched this episode, you may want to replay Extra. There are some lines in it that may surprise you.
The story is getting adapted reasonably nice and slow, with some cut of course but nothing could surpass episode 3 “rush B”. Takeru bonding with Kasumi was one of the best things in episode 7. I kinda like how they adapted from the material source. Kasumi got more scenes is always a plus. To see the words and sprites got translated into animation is quite satisfying, even though there are quite a number of frames that weren’t as good compared to last week, but with the teasing for the next episode, I can look over them.

Now, one of the most important arc will happen next episode and all the pieces are in place. The 7th episode showed an “ugly” side of the government that you might not like: forcing their people to do against their will, but then, if their will is to doom themselves then no government can’t stand by and do nothing. Takeru and Meiya got their first clash in ideals, while Meiya deeply care for her countrymen, Takeru did not feel the same as he must focus on advancing the Alternative IV lest he lose everything just like his life before. Each had their stance, each had their right and wrong. There were no true answers in this situation, only the lesser of two evil. Though Takeru’s lashing out at Meiya might be a bit abrupt since he hasn’t expressed his stance as both a time traveller that saw the end of the world and as a “Japanese”, you can think that even though his nationality is Japan, he has never been put in a position where his patriotism is questioned, the only thing he experienced is the collective fall of mankind, so in his heart, the country is just a part of the world. And protecting the world at large is more imperative than the nationalistic pride.

Next episode: Winter is coming, and snow will fall!