Ultraman Trigger ep 18: What just happened?

After a very strong arc, Trigger somehow jumped right back to…smile shenanigans that might have taken itself too serious. Oh well, there were some funny moments and pretty decent fight.
The hallucination basically exposed each person’s deepest desire – which even Kengo/Trigger was affected. Only Yuna was spared from the psych-attack (maybe because of her inner ability). Darrgon’s dream was so funny, but tbf everyone else was really hilarious as well. Akito’s one is prob the most serious and pitiful of them all where he just want to be chosen by the light. Oh well, everyone awoke and Yuna relish in seeing the GUTS-Select team’s dream shatter (lol)

Well, after Trigger/Kengo awoke, he really delivered the beat down to this week’s Kaijuu. The OST that play during that sequence is pretty badass. And the action while short was well done.

What caught my interested is the mysterious man at the end. From the preview, it seems like he is a Kyrieloid – a Seijin that was in the original Tiga. And the tagline “Legendary Light descends” might hint at some interesting plot development. Looking forward to it.