Shikizakura ep 7: How to be a Hero

After a brave display last episode, Kakeru now officially embarks on his journey to become a true hero, as well as “instil” his heroism in his comrades as well. And of course, what better way to get heroism across beside a Super Hero stage show!

Kakeru and gang basically stage a whole Tokusatsu stage show like we usually see for Kamen Rider and Ultraman, etc… but with a more limited budget (since it’s sorta local style). It was a pretty fun endeavour and not many series have done this. To be fair, Shikizakura has been full-blown Toku from the start, with so many references to other series as well, but this episode, they REALLY drive it home even more with TONS of homages and references: Kamen Rider Black, Super Sentai, Toei Spiderman and even Gunbuster. The series gave absolutely zero care about copyrights lol and I like that.

This week’s highlight is Oka – our sheltered princess that soon will undergo the Shikizakura ritual. She has been portrayed by the series as very “ojou-sama”-ish but her conviction are no less than anyone else. And this episode, she take to Kakeru’s spirit of a hero and see for herself what it actually means. The Ibara and Oka pairing seems quite odd, but sorta funny as well. Ryo going full Supaida…I mean Koalaman Mode was hilarious as heck. He certainly is the type to be overly serious and reserved about his “hobby”.

Overall, a pretty fun episode to pay some tribute to the Toku genre as well as other mecha series. The list of homages just keep going on and on at this rate (which is fine). Let’s see if we’ll get back on the main plot next ep!