Megaton Musashi ep 7: Bared Souls

Amidst a city full of lies and deceit, only the passionate and fiery souls are strong enough to bare themselves against the threat of the world. We’ve already seen the main pilots, so now we move to Jun and Momoka, and a bit of bashful Kanzaki this episode.

Yamato and Kanzaki went on a little “date” this episode. It’s pretty good to see some “student”-ish stuff. Kanzaki (and Arshem) seems to be quite infatuated with our young protag, and they’re pretty cute. Also Yamato has spirit of steel when he’s in the Musashi but when the “goods” are shoved into his face, he still displayed some frustration lol. But yeah, a nice bonding investigation between Yamato and Kanzaki is pretty cute, and she will probably not going to pilot a Megaton-class but will be taking care of the on-foot side of things.

Momoka and Kouta along with the genius Takumi are primed to join the Ixia force soon. Kouta, despite being an android, seems to have quite an emotional AI programmed into him. The sub-relationship between Kouta, Momoka and Takumi is really nice, remind me of the supporting cast from the Aquarion series. Even though they aren’t the focus of the show, they get enough development for them to feel like real people with their own unique personality. Really looking forward to more from them. I do wish we have enough episodes for all the cast to show.

And now we come to the latest pilot of the series – the fiery Jun Kirishima. After discovering the truth of the city, she also regained her memory “pre-invasion” just like Yamato. Which also makes me wonder if Ryuugo will ever get his memory back, prob a plot point down the line. The small reaction with Yamato and Jun was really nice, a nice comradery is developing between those two since their personalities are pretty similar. Jun and Ginta in the Maximus was absolutely badass! Heavyarms and Leopard move aside, we got a new Dakka Master on the house! The ground-based Missile Massacre was so over the top that it makes me tremble. Can’t wait until we got some combo attack between the Megaton-kyuus. The Musashi and Arthur take a backseat this ep but still fought a lil’ bit, but the spotlight is definitely on Jun and Maximus. They performed really well this ep.