Ultraman Trigger ep 17: GUTS Power

This week’s Trigger surely triggered something in all of us – the epic nerdgasm when the series show us what Ultraman should look on-screen. The character execution can still be improved, but so far Trigger has gotten better by quite a lot. And we get some great Ignis moment too.

We continue with the fight against last week’s monster: Metsu-Orochi. This Kaiju is legit pretty scary and GUTS-Select had to use their secret weapon to just temporarily halt it. Captain Tatsumi is pretty badass this episode, but I do think his facial expression is too stern (might be getting some pretty early wrinkles there sir). Love the preparation of GUTS-Select to switch to traditional ballistic weapons, although Kengo’s and Yuna’s shooting poses is hilariously bad, was a miracle their teeth didn’t get punched in by the guns. The sequence where Kengo piloting the Falcon and launch the missile was badass. The screenplay this episode was pretty awesome. If anything, the choreography and special effects in Trigger has been consistently top-notch
Carmeara made an appearance and went ham on Kengo again. And yeah she’s majorly pissed. She’s been sitting back for quite a while but this time she decided to jump into the fray after all. Seeing her fighting Trigger Dark and Trigger is like a weird love-hate triangle lol. Ignis’ finishing move was pretty badass. Sasuga Basco! TIgnis also did a good job kicking Metsu-Orochi’s teeth in for a while and buy time for Kengo to launch the missile.

Love the GUTS-Select stand-off this episode. It’s just so cool and it’s great that the guys had a spotlight on them, however brief it is. Now if they can expand on Marlulu and Muscle-builder guy, it’d be great since I think those two are the weakest at the moment. Yuna’s character also receive a bit of development potential in the future. Lots of direction the series can go now. Hopefully it will keep going strong. Next episode seems like a breather and returning back to somewhat a more uplifting mood after quite a few serious episodes. But I can already see Trigger getting yeeted in the future and they have to ask Ignis for help lol.