Rumble Garanndoll ep 5: Idol no Yume

Episode 5 begin with Rabbit 2 badly damaged and not only the Garanndoll but also its Denchi Shoujo too. Wearing thick clothing to hide herself, that’s why when she was discovered, both she and her followers were hurt in many ways.

If something happened to idol, the manager will be the one who has responsibility to fix it, included protect her and lead to the right way. Of course, our Hosomichi is very legit (half of them are definitely to pay off debt lol), he found out where she work and came to convince her. Unluckily, Musashi also came to the convenient store to revoke the “illegal magazines”. If it weren’t for Hosomichi, Yuki would’ve been arrested. However, I somehow agree with the thing Musashi said on this scene, dressing an immature girl in fluttery costume and make a business out of a mindless party. Her opinion is old-fashioned but undeniably it also condemns a Japanese society that takes advantage of immature girls and in the worst case, can take away her future. Each era has its own problems, but it seems that the chaos of this era is both tragic-comedy and serious. Compared to the era of being tough and clear like Showa, the Heisei era doesn’t really seem like a good environment for our children to grow up. I have read a few articles about the declining birth rate in developing countries, partly because they do not feel this era is safe for their children to live, so they decide to choose the DINK lifestyle.
But to be fair, not all things are bad, like Yuki said idol songs and dances build courage and create dreams, cheer up those who are hurt and having a hard time. Then the pure purpose of idols is to help people stand up, dare to think dare to do in this era and heal their mental wounds when they are in trouble. Maybe there’s no such thing as a bad thing in itself, it’s just the way people use it right or wrong, just like Yuki’s thoughts are different from Musashi’s, she believes that the pure idea of idols is not bad and bring joy, but in Musashi’s eyes she believes that it is just a disgusting way to earn money under the guise of idol activities.

About Yuki, she tries really hard to be a true idol, despite her fear, she still agreed to become a Denchi Shoujo once more to gain recognition and shine. but she still lacks one thing which is the help of her manager and loyal fans for truly shine, her dream is not just her anymore but now belongs to her fans too. Speaking of which, her loyal fans truly deserve my respect, even when they were attacked they would still protect the stage where Yuki belongs. The great passionate idiots, they show me that even though they know the real person of the person they admire, they still put their trust and love in her. They show me that even though they know the real person of the person they admire, they still put their trust and love in her. their love is more real than that of some couples, i feel quite envious of their love, they can love the whole person of an idol, keep supporting and cheering her on that. I wish I can be able to love someone with all the love like them. :’)
This episode still has some fun scenes like Yamada-san self-destructing when revealing information or Rin-chan’s cockpit is ejected like eva (she was forgotten after launching lol). The Rabbit-2 is cast off and henshin to Fairlion, the stage show is quite similar to Sheryl and the final attack is a beam super robot-like, viewers hear the music rising and Musashi hears the sound of her defeat.