Sakugan ep 6: Seekers of Justice

This week’s episode opens with a narration from Gagumber when he looks at the city with high tower in the middle. To be honest, the prologue of this episode is exactly a Gintama reference, from the BGM, summary of previous episode to the long-shot scene, also the way he “invest” for the future is somehow similar to the silver-wavy-hair guy often seen at the Pachinko. So does this episode of Sakugan have any more Gintama-vibe details? Let find out!

After getting his “returns” from the previous “investment” (which means he lost almost everything), Gagumber and Memempu continue their journey until they meet Yuri, a rebellious hacker with a punk rock style. Handcuffed and treated like a criminal by the force of justice of AreYaar, seem like Gale Force Gagumber is predestined to get caught. I quite agree with Yuri because after the epic opening with only his underwear left, Gagumber really exudes a villain smell all over him. Speaking of AreYaar, my first impression about this city is that it has a European style of the 18th century, although it does not have the famous architecture and sights that make us recognize as Italian like in Jolly-jolly, in AreYaar I feel like this is somewhere in the west of western Europe, maybe Spain.

Back to Gagumber and Memepu, after being arrested and unable to repay the debt. The two of them now have to work to pay off the debt transferred from Zackletu to Yuri. There is a saying “Those who don’t work, don’t eat.” But this time they also work to pay their big debt too (luckily, most of those are housework). This ep is also revealed to audience some flashback of Gagumber, seems like when he was young he has a partner named Rufus and because of an accident, Gagumber’s life and mindset changed forever. As a veteran, Gagumber opened yuri’s eyes wide, helping him avoid the mistake he made, helping him not to regret his decision.

About Yuri, he’s a pretty pitiful person, lost both hands, taken advantage of and then discarded when he lost his value. That was the source of his current personality, rebellion and ambition. That’s why we have Fidelio, the second most important character in Yuri’s story, when Yuri gets lost or makes a mistake, Fidelio will be the one to stop him, a rebellious loudmouthed person and a cautious quiet person, 2 factors complement each other.

However, after the flashy appearance and the slogan of equality in AreYaar, there is a clear class division in society, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer (classic Europe in anime). In my view, the society that upholds equality must be a society where everyone must have access to the same good values and the society that values fairness must be one where everyone has a fair chance to access said good values. A flashy society that hides imperfections, where the great fish eats the small blatantly will be a society that collapses rapidly in the near future.
This episode doesn’t put too much emphasis on the action scenes or the big brain scene of Memempu, it seems to convey to the viewer the value of life, what to cherish and what justice to fight for. Tony still continues to show us its versatility (never ceases to surprise me), there appeared 2 mysterious people in the middle of this episode, they were at the temple to the god of wind in previous ep, but it’s already the episode 6, no matter how mysterious I’m sure they can’t stop the hilarious of Gagumber and Memempu (you can’t fool me with those outfits hah). Gagumber jump in an issue and solve it with his personal experience (once again, very similar to someone have silver wavy hair), Cool dad this time but not enough need more scenes like that in the future.