Super Hero Time Nov 28 Review

Zenkaiger episode 37:

Be careful of what you throw away, cause you may never recover them again. Quite a meaningful episode masqueraded under some pretty hilarious hijinks. The Daikon World’s ability is…weird to say the least. I think they are taking a lot of wild liberties with the World’s abilities. Some have skills that doesn’t suit their name at all. Anyway, we got a sisterhood alliance between Magine and Flint which is pretty nice. A bit more Hakaiser stuff but nothing too major. But it’s great to see that Kaito and gang are still looking for his mother. Very cool episode. However, Bokowaus is planning some shady stuff with Gege. This might be the first time we see the big boss do something.

Kamen Rider Revice 12:

Well, after that embarassing “failed” henshin, Sakura was down in the dump for quite a while. I guess this is an Igarashi-trait since her brothers also went through the same thing when they failed stuff. Well, George’s reaction to the Driver made it seems like not a normal one so Sakura failing a few times isn’t that strange. However, Mama Igarashi once again proved that she knows best when it comes to her children. Ikki got some wisdom from her and was able to motivate Sakura in the right direction.

Kamen Rider Jeanne was really badass. Well the name and the animals don’t exactly…match up but eh, Sakura was pretty awesome as a rider. Being a karateka, she specializes in hand-to-hand combat, which is pretty apparent here. The direction of this episode was pretty awesome. There are a few obvious CGI zoom but overall very nice. Poor Hiromi, he got like a dozen death flags on his head now.

Ultraman Trigger ep 19:

The ancient Light return in the newest episode of Trigger. Out of illusion into reality, Kengo and GUTS-Select managed to regain themselves but Yuna was confronted by Kyrielord – a pretty familiar face for people who watched the previous ancient of Light. However, the Dark Giants are still caught within their delusion (well except Darrgon). Carmeara and Hudram went absolutely ham against each other. This is probably the first time we saw Carmeara in actual emotional anguish. And Kengo/Trigger might somehow empathize with her feelings just a bit.

Obviously the highlight of this episode is freaking TIGA! Ultraman TIGA return in the most absurd and weirdest fashion imaginable. But who cares? Tiga x Trigger combination was awesome to watch. The form changes, the harmonious battle with really great SFX really helps this episode. Of course, Kyrielord got yeeted to oblivion. And that’s Tiga’s return wrapped up. Next episode is a special episode focusing on the villains so…nothing much to say about that.