Kyoukai Senki 9: False Peace

Last episode, we saw the series making Yatagarasu as a righteous organization, one that want the true independence for Japan: a Japanese-only-militia and will fight by their own personel in order to achieve their goal: liberating Japan from outsiders.
This episode, or should I say the new character named Yuusei presented a third option: through negotiation, they can achieve peace without fighting.

Naïve though, but it has worked until now.
The people there is having peace, false or not, it’s still “peace”.
Yet, nothing is free. No result could be born without exchange, and ironically, he sold out his brethren to save his brethren.
An interesting episode, even if we could easily anticipated the progress.

Even more interestingly, the episode is right after the episode that made you think that: hey Yatagarasu is definitely a good guy. Yuusei, on the other hand, gave us more questions that deepen the world building:
Yatagarasu and Yuusei’s ideal is almost the same: to protect Japanese.
But their means are vastly different.
Why did Yuusei betray Yatagarasu? What kind of dark secrets that he found?
Did it has any connection to the real reason why his parent got K.I.A by the Asian?
Just how big the budget which Yatagarasu has at this point?
And how did they obtain it?
The ending for Yuusei aint gonna be pretty, that is for sure. But he had my respect, for not afraid to get his hands dirty in order to achieve his goal.

Even though not much mecha action in this week episode, so far this episode is probably the episode that has the best execution in the series, in my opinion.
Next week: here comes the mother “Russia” in Kyoukai Senki.
Hopefully no demon will come to that white hair girl.