Megaton Musashi 9: Thicker than Blood

You know what they say, the roughest looking delinquent is usually the most soft-hearted one when it comes to their family, especially their mothers or grandmas. And Ryuugo is just a text-book example of this. Oh and also we get “METAL SAMURAI” as the OP this ep, which is extremely badass as well.

We pick up from the battle in the last episode. Well, I guess 9 episode in is an appropriate time for them to fight a mid-boss. The Black Beast is complete impervious to any and all attack by the 3 Megaton-class Rogues. But Arshem came in with the clutch and clued Yamato in to its weakness. Reluctant as he might be, he did accepted her advice. It must be tearing him inside out when he had to rely on the “enemy”. Though at the rate the plot is going, I think they’ll work together sooner or later, if only to end the war.

Kouta flexing his brains this episode. Love the determination and ability he displayed. Hopefully he got into a Megaton-class soon and raise some hell!

Ryuugo regaining his memory from a mere hit to cockpit was pretty funny. But hey, Super Robot show. What’s important is how he handle the revelation. His past is quite sad to be honest. Not sure what’s the truth but it looked like he was being abandoned and abused by his biological mother. And after the war, he was assigned to his current one. Though it may also be that the real mother put him there to protect him from something else, but we don’t know that yet. But even so, his new mother accept everything and love him all the same. Quite a touching scene. On the contrary, Teru’s family isn’t all that smooth-sailing as his parents are having some discrepancies in their memory.

So many stuff happening in ep 9. Commander Manami’s getting more and more suspicious. The people’s memory are gradually reverting to their true content. Arshem and Kanzaki face off and soon to be Yamato if things keep going at this pace. And an even crazier fight is being setup by the Queen – who are also quite a mystery…