Super Hero Time Nov 21 Review

Zenkaiger episode 36 brought us some family drama, but not of the Goshikida family, but the Goldtsuiker’s. Zox – wanting to bring Hakaiser back to Kaito quickly, resorted to some dangerous method and found himself in peril – as well as his family. The twist with the Suprise Box World is very well-done. This episode also show that Kaito is surprisingly level-headed. He didn’t lost himself despite finding out about Hakaiser but still compose himself like always, prioritize the safety of the people and defeat the Tojitendo as soon as possible. It’s what would make his dad proud. This is also the first time Flint got injured in the series if I remember right, and Zox would definitely learn a valuable lesson from this.

Back to Revice, the Igarashi family drama continues. Sakura got exposed to the ugly reality of human. In times of need, they will resort to evil ways to fix their lives. And because their situation is relatable, one can find it hard to deem the person punishable. Since the person in question was close to Sakura, she felt powerless than most and resorted to borrowing the Deadmans’ power. But alas, her attempt ended in failure and Ikki took a decisive blow to shield her. This will probably shock Sakura, enrage Daiji and maybe put Ikki out of commission for the next ep. Even though a person can find themselves in a difficult situation, it’s never okay to make a deal with villain and use that power to commit crimes. Hopefully this will serve as a wake up call. But the truth behind that belt and Vistamp could be something more nefarious than the thought.