Super Hero Time 5 Dec

Kamen Rider Revice ep 13: Trust and Betrayal

After Sakura’s debut battle last episode, FENIX now “employs” all three of the Igarashi’s siblings as their Riders. But unfortunately, Hiromi and Ikki have been “sent” on break. Hiromi started out as a side character that is insignificant to an admirable Secondary Rider, and now he’s on his way to comic-relief-dom by how he reacts to Lovekov. I guess he’s gonna be a dedicated bodyguard for the cute demon whenever she’s on the field. But yeah, my man’s got it hard.

Great development for Vice this episode. Ikki has started to trust in him a bit more, but I think deep down, Vice’s still hiding some stuff, particularly the part where Ikki’s disappearing from his family photos. It might all be a big ploy in the end to devour him but at the moment, they are partner now. The Barid Rex form was a bit underwhelming to be honest. I expect him to do more cool stuff but it’s mostly ice-based abilities. The suit upgrade is cool but I wish it has a different color.

The reveal at the end was quite…devastating. Not sure if he has ALWAYS been the traitor or the real one was yeeted somewhere. But damn Revice hasn’t let go of the gas so far. Looking forward to more.

Zenkaiger ep 38: Memoirs

This episode is quite…complicated for Stacey. Basically everyone’s ancestor spirit manifested as real people. And for some like Zyuran and Zox, the people that appeared are generations before them, but for Stacey, it was his mother instead. Of course, the criteria for who to come back during Bon Festival is plot-arbitrary, so the people that returned don’t follow any rules at all. And then they went berserk (of course they did) and tried to kill their descendants. You can see how pained Stacey was but still composed enough to know that it’s just Barashitara’s shenanigans. He must have known so he released Bon World for that purpose.

Hakaiser and Kaito rushing to help Stacey was so cool and heart-warming. Really love the fact that Kaito has never treated Stacey as an enemy to be destroyed and that Hakaiser still want to protect Stacey despite having to protect Bon World and fight Zenkaigers. After this episodeStacey might have some serious retrospective about the current situation with Hakaiser as a whole. I doubt he will outright betray Tojitendo but will most probably set Hakaiser free (but not after Hakaioh make an appearance).