Ancient G’s Frame ep 10: Bursting emotion

After last episode’s cliffhanger, you’d definitely expect some awesome mech battles this week. But too bad, we kinda got dragged out of that as well, with just a bit of action here and there, but at least we see our main mech wrecking aliens.
After the shocking declaration of the Nergal, humanity is in a riot trying to decipher what they meant. Well, the gist of it is: If you continue to use the Divive Grace, it will pose a threat to the energy balance of the universe so we’ll eradicate you if you don’t drop it. Sounds familiar? Straight outta the Getter handbook. An energy so dangerous that it will upset the balance of the universe. However, DG has become such an important part of humanity that it is really hard to distance ourselves from it. It would take time and research, but the Nergals ain’t waiting
As for Xing Lan, after the “encounter” with Xing Yao, she got super depressed and cried a bucket load. I really love the voice acting of her this episode. Overall, the actress did a very good job but in this particular episode, she did amazing. The emotion, the frustration and the determination were all expressed very clearly and passionately. You can feel her sadness and frustration for herself, not being able to help her sister. And then, she has finally made her decision and headed out to her sister.

Welll Xing Lan’s father device is a pretty nice Deus Ex Machina. It’s supposed to turn all DG’s signal off and basically avoid any Nergal’s aggression you want. A “perfect stealth” device so to speak. Well it played out pretty marvelous this episode and the recovery of the Ashna was…smoother than I expected. Oh well, I didn’t expect any crazy drama. At least the character’s expression have been great.
Xing Lan’s definitely the highlight of the episode. Her expression and characterisation this episode has been very good. Unfortunately, the other characters didn’t get anything for the most part, it feels like they are mannequins reading out of a script for the most part. The animation wasn’t great either. The combination sequence of Divinegon was, well, divine, but it stop there for the most part. The movement of the mechs are very janky 3D even though the special effects like fire, beams, etc… are all very good. Ancient G’s Frame started off with very cool concept and animation but have slowly fallen back to a more subpar series. Hopefully they can pull off an explosive end.