Super Hero Time 14 November Double Review

Revice episode 10 marked the debut of Kamen Rider Live – which is the “good” Daiji. This episode serve to illuminate Ikki about his relationship with Daiji as well as kickstarti the next Igarashi family’s event: Sakura. Well, it’s hard to believe that Kagerou has completely vanished and he’s prob lurking inside Daiji/Live waiting to emerge once more. However, it’s pretty heartwarming to see Ikki growing a proper mutual trust with Daiji, and Hiromi’s face when he saw Live was pretty nice. And Ikki/Live’s battle was pretty cool. Love the Gun Kata that he used in this episode.

Although Mr. George here is suspicious as hell. He seems to have anticipated this development and several others from the start. His claim of love for Kamen Rider might lead to him creating Riders to satisfy his curiosity, and Sakura might or might not be his next aim. Not to mention Vice being the “nice guy” this episode, giving Ikki an inspiration speech, but in reality, he definitely know what’s happening with Ikki “fading” from his family photos. Could be leading to quite a massive plot twist later.

Zenkaiger episode 35 was pretty brutal (and oh boy, I didn’t even notice we’re already 3x episodes in). This episode thought up a pretty…clever way to generate drama. Diamond World’s ability is okay, but the whole “can’t say anything but diamond” is pretty silly. Nevertheless, it did its job well. And Kaito received the grimmest reminder since his mother’s disappearance: Hakaiser’s true identity. The scene of the revelation was beautifully done with that suspenseful atmosphere and everyone’s face. I can even “feel” the Zenkaiger’s expression when Hakaiser’s helmet wore off. Kaito’s face was gold. And his emotional after the fact was pretty well-done. Not to mention Stacey was feeling absolutely conflicted and had to “become” the bad guy in this situation to prevent the Tojitendo from finding out more. Beautiful and impactful episode. Guess we’re getting to the endgame soon!

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