Ancient G’s Frame 7: Sleeping Beauty

Ancient G’s Frame ep 7 take us back to the past once more. Last episode we learned about Aer and the Nebells, and this time we learned about Xing Lan and Xing Yao’s relationship before Xing Yao’s departure.

The search for survivor continues in the Doroia Meteoroid Field, where a vicious battle once took place. But of course, not a single sign of life is left here, but Xing Lan didn’t actually end up empty-handed. She got a little fluffy ball and a sleepy-head disease. Turned out that “ball” made her sleepy and dream of past memories. The memories are quite sweet and serene, that show us why Xing Lan is so obsessed with finding her sister. Their relationship was that of loving sisters and they both spent a lot of time together. This episode basically cemented Xing Lan’s motivation. Poor my man Kailong getting slapped in the face outta nowhere. But it was shown that her “dream” are not just simply dream and memories after all, then could it be something else?

The series have been progressing slowly with character building so far, and with a severe lack of action. What we got was really really cool with Divinegon and what not, but I would like some action every now and then. Let’s hope we are getting some well-deserved battle in the future.

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